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Why I Dropped Off The Map: Pittsburgh! by LeccathuFurvicael

I know I've pretty much dropped off of the face of the earth lately, but I have one partial excuse; I went to Pittsburgh for a week to visit its museums and a friend! I had the most amazing time! I really wasn't sure what I was going to feel once I got there, as I'm not usually a big city person. I was honestly floored by my response to the place, though - I felt right at home, not anxious at all, happy, and very open to every experience I were to come by. The weight of decades felt oddly comforting, and the Polish history among its other strong immigrant populations came to the forefront, especially in The Strip, a commercial district well known for its ethnic shops.

My friend's knowledge of the city came to be especially useful as every single restaurant we went to was absolutely fantastic, and left me yearning for more. The Ramen Bar (first one I've ever been to, and it was fantastic!), Noodle Head, DeLuca's, Waffleonia, Oishi Bento, Doba Tea House, Everyday Noodle, Napoli's, The Porch, Chik'n Bubbly's Bubble Teas, All of India, and Rose Tea were just out of this world delicious. I have a serious addiction to bubble tea now, where before I never even really knew about its existence.

Combine the wonderful food with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the National Aviary, the Phipps Conservatory, and the Pittsburgh Zoo/PPG Aquarium, and I was in seventh heaven. I spent each day from at least 10am-5pm at each place, and two days for the natural history museum!! First time I've ever seen dinosaur skeletons in real life, and man, the wealth of information I got just from seeing them in person....!!! I LOVE how up-to-date the museum is, and their feathered dinosaur fossils are breathtaking!! I really, really wish I could go back again for sure - it's an incredibly unique place, and I oddly really love it.

I know that quite a number of people are there right now for Anthrocon, so I hope you guys are enjoying the city as much as I did! I'm reluctantly getting back into the swing of artwork again, and am replying to notes and starting to get back into gear on creating work for my show on June 18th - my Lulzbot will be singing 24/7! Commission work may be a little slower due to the focus on this show, but I promise, I made sketches while I was away, and have stuff to show you all as well! : D

Hope you all are having a good day, and take care! : )

Why I Dropped Off The Map: Pittsburgh!


10 June 2015 at 11:38:22 MDT

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