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Confuzzled was... by Sirver

Awesome! Probably one of the best experiences of my life, I was a little weary of going since I didn't know anyone there, but thankfully I started opening up to people after board gaming in the evening. Definitely helps since I am terrible at small and like focusing on things so talking about the game we're playing really opens me up on conversations.

Thankfully that help me gain a lot of friends to talk to and remember. Although that's pretty much what I did for 3 nights attending the open board games. I did feel like I missed out on a bit of night life of the convention didn't dance or check out most of the art experiences there... But the convention was so big and there was so much to take in, I bet I would have been overwhelmed. x3

Although because of that, I managed to meet a lot of people there through open board game sessions and that was my main goal for Confuzzled. Plus I brought several games to play; Space hulk the card game, Gloom, Mice & Mystics, Level 7 Omega Protocol, and King of Tokyo. So I had to play them. Most of them I've never finished a session with! I had only recently bought King of Tokyo too so I wanted to play that ever since I first bought it. :P

I met Vin a Finland fur, Kunzai and Nineleavez both from England during the first open boardgame event, and met them throughout the con. ^^ so it was a great experience seeing them constantly.

On the 2nd day I mostly played board games with simsy since I met him in the first convention meet up event and he was keen to play Mice & Mystics, for which we played with a guy named Ragnwolf during the day. Love Mice definitely one of my favourite boards to bring anyway. :P Just a lengthy dungeon crawling game is all so its hard to get a full campaign going. D:

In addition, the game of Flashpoint with Piter Raccoon was the best moment of the con. The most funniest of games I had. So many random stupid stuff happened in that game. Me saving only the animals, one guy trapped in a room fighting an endless amount of fire and no one could get close to help. And one guy never seeing any fire but managed to rescue to the most civilians AND we barely won 2 house damage blocks. Definately #1 Confuzzled moment, funniest game session there.

I did try to focus on more arty events, felt like I barely did most of those events, missed a few and one was canceled and a couple clashed with Smash and Mario Kart events...

Did I mention I did a lot of game events? xP

Living with a partner for years who's deep into gaming probably effects my ideals that way and even then, I'm a gamer at heart. It's where I feel more comfortable making conversation with. One person I clinged toward in this situation was Vojeto first met up with him before the Pawpets show talking in the sponsor queue which I wasn't suppose to be in, a meer mention of 'Gonna beat your ass in smash bros' is enough to get his wiles going. x3

Gratefully I managed to talk to him more, Although I did kinda feel I was a 3rd wheel in a lot of the discussions. Think the only game I can talk someone's ears off would be Dota. :P I don't know much about Nintendo metagaming and I'm not that quick witted to understand references ^^;

Although on the last night, no more gaming... (Well technically I played Cards Against Humanity with Vojeto Flux, RojackVanato and Ragnwolf) but what we we did afterwards was awesome and added icing to the awesome Confuzzled cake. Fur-e-oke. x3 stupid silly fun. Think meeting up with amazing people on the last day and talking with everyone I already met was absolutely brilliant!

It was too much, I really don't know much to say. The last day going home I was crying since I didn't want it to end. I barely even met the people on twitter prior Confuzzled so I quickly met up Estobahn and Maootter. Estobhan caught me crying over leaving and he is such a wonderful person. He really helped. I was so glad we had a talk. ^^

I also want to find a guy named Jake from Denmark online. He's a Canine(?) he recently made his own fursuit and he's only been around the Furry Fandom for a year. He said he barely has any social media to talk on. But I really want to talk to him again. He was so nervous to talk to anyone and I made sure to talk to him everytime I could during the Con so I hope somebody knows him. ^^ He deserves all the support anyone would get! ^^

I wish I could have met more people there. I wish I was more confident in approaching fursuiters too. I always feel like I was going to break something... :x

But I' m thankful for one thing. I went to Confuzzled on a whim if I could still be a part of the furry fandom, I only talk online, never went to a furmeet in 6 years and I barely had any local fur friends. I was depressed too, after my university grades I was lost.

I mean, look at my FA account almost inactive for a year and 2 years before that journal posts boasting about "being more active" Never had badges of my character before I felt empty.

Thankfully going to Confuzzled made me realise something.

I am a furfag and proud, and my ideas with and for the furry community will not go away, so I need to continue pushing towards my life goals because it makes me happy. Me being close to the community and having like-minded friends to help along the way would have made my university years a lot better. I hope I can help you as you all at Confuzzled helped me. ^^

Goals: update everything here, draw more, talk more and be happy.

Next confuzzled: less boardgames, played everything once, except gloom and Level 7 Omega Protocol, and Level 7 is a more complex version of Mice & Mystics sooooooo pass on that big heavy box next time.

Bring swimming trunks. #Acatwhoexactlyliketoswim~ :3

Fursuit? At least a partial. Its a year. Never know what might happen. ^^;


Confuzzled was...


30 May 2015 at 15:25:48 MDT

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