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So yes, I have now cleaned out my fb becorse I have not used it for a long time and will not use it anymore exept follow some friends and pages and I have removed most stuff and friends I had there, the ones that are still there is people that is close to me or means something special for me.

for them that like to follow me and my photos and stuff are free to do so here on FA and on Weasyl, the later place I have al my art and photos from meets and photoshoots with me behind the camera, it happens but not that often hehe.

Then I have Twitter and even a AD Twitter but there is only people I know and trust welcome to follow me becorse them pages are on a more personal level, please respect if you get a no from me when you ask to follow, don´t be a jerk about it ok.

And last we have Skype, that is only for my close friends and stuff like that, also there please respect if you ask and I say no.

So if you have been deleted from any page or stuff, don´t take it personal, just me fixing my pages the way I would have done from the beginning.

Greetings SweaWolf

fb and other pages I have....


28 May 2015 at 13:53:52 MDT

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    I should be doing spring cleaning on some of my friend lists, but I often feel like a douche for removing people just like that x3

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      don´t feel like that, you have the right to do what ever you feel like on your pages and if someone ask you why they are taken away just say as it is to them, whatever the reason can be. Or just give them an banana :D

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    I can't help it x3 A big flaw of mine is that I'm always too nice to people :P