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Anthrocon 2015 Macro/Micro Meetup! by Geemo

Friday July 10, 2015 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Westin - Somerset Room (We were in the Fayette Room last year)

If you attended last year, you know we had 70+ people show up!
There were door prizes, socializing, and a cardboard city for fursuiters to stomp!
Programming has managed to give us all a bigger room and schedule the event earlier in the weekend!

How successful will 2015 be? That depends on you!

We need artists, writers, and other folks to contribute! Offer a 1,000 word story or a free, single character commission, etc. Your "donations" will be given away as prizes in our game of BINGO.

--- THE GAME ---

  • Contestants will be given BINGO cards be expected to walk around, talk to folks, and find furs with certain traits to complete the cards.

  • Each square space on the cards contains a trait like "find a dragon character" or "find someone who lives in Europe" and such.

  • To win, contestants will have to complete five in a row or four corners, just like real BINGO.

  • BINGO winners will draw prizes out of a hat.

  • Any prizes still available by the end of the event will be given out as door prizes; anyone can win!


  • After the winners have been announced, each winner shall assume responsibility to contact their respective artist/writer and discuss the details of the prize they have won

  • Artists/writers may complete their work on their own schedule, no guarantees or deadlines shall be assumed by winners

  • Artists/writers are encouraged to clearly explain what they will and will not depict in their work

  • Artists/writers have final say regarding character poses, graphic content, subject matter, and other commission details

  • We encourage everyone to be patient, reasonable, and respectful; we hope this contest will be fun for everyone involved!

Reply here if you're interested in contributing and good luck!

Anthrocon 2015 Macro/Micro Meetup!


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    Bengo cards? No one wants to be a bengo! ... I'll be there, all the same. :v

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      Oh, all the things I can contribute have age requirements; usually the maximum allocated ones. Sorry!

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    I really miss the Hyperfur dinner I did, that was amazing, the turnout.

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    Life challenge: finding a meeting space large enough for macros

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    I'll be there!

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    I'll be there!

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    boop bop, I can contribute a sketch with flats :o

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      Thanks! :D