Goodbye I guess by Enoxl

I know I've been absent and not talking. Idk if anyone remembers me anymore or reads my journals or whatever.

I know I had a bunch of free sketches to do but tbh, I've been wrapped up in my own life that I cannot do them. I am sorry.
I decided to move on from Furaffinity or weasyl and things like that. I've been slaving over my art style and marketing myself on a platform I feel more comfortable doing, rather than doing furry kind of art.
I kinda felt like if I stayed here, I'd just kinda feel stagnant and not really go anywhere... I dunno how to describe it but it was kinda driving me crazy that I couldn't even sell my pieces at reasonable prices and how messed up the online art market is. I can't make an income or anything stable for myself which is really annoying.

If you really care about what I have been doing lately, it's easier to just follow my tumblr or twitter.
I kinda just got sucked into the twitch community and have started art and videogame streams over there.

I hope to see you all later if I ever feel like coming back maybe.
If not, I hope you all have good lives and had fun knowing me.

Goodbye I guess


23 May 2015 at 04:08:45 MDT

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    I'll go follow your tumblr them! I always enjoyed your work it's so diferent!