Use of photos for backgrounds (or refs or whatever) by Haubitze

Hey, so I know a lot of people stitch together random photos and paint over them to make backgrounds for their art. If anyone would like to use any of my photography for that, or photographs of animals for references, just let me know! It can be photos I've uploaded here, or photos from my website, doesn't matter. I think it would be really cool to see something I've taken a photograph of get used for a piece of art, just be sure to let me see the finished piece! I can provide full-res versions of the photos as well, if needed.

.. just kinda.. wanted to throw that out there. I've been meaning to say it for awhile.

Anyway I tidied up and tried to streamline my profile a bit so it wasn't just a big block of text no one wants to read. It.. still sort of is, but it looks nicer.

Use of photos for backgrounds (or refs or whatever)


18 May 2015 at 23:43:34 MDT

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