Accounts on the internet that are actually me by Taki

I don't think there's anyone out there actively impersonating me, but I do know that a ton of people are playing their own characters using pics of Taki as image refs. So just in case, the following accounts are actually me:

Furaffinity: Taki
Sofurry: Taki
InkbunnyL Taki
Weasyl: Taki
F-list/F-chat: Taki and femTaki
e621: Taki (I don't post my own commissions there, but I tag myself and answer questions in comments)
Furnet IRC: Taki
Twitter: takikuroi and AD: TakiTMI
Tumblr: takisnippets
AIM: Taki Kuroi
Skype: taki.kuroi
Google *: taki.kuroi
Amazon Kindle Store: Taki Kuroi

Several of those I don't use that actively, and even if you contact me I'm unlikely to be a very engaging chat partner. Sorry! Any account not mentioned on here is probably not me. If I do end up using this name somewhere else, feel free to ask for proof that I am the actual me, and I'll confirm it via one of the accounts listed here.

Also, using this as verification for f-list ticket #47478

Accounts on the internet that are actually me


17 May 2015 at 16:59:18 MDT

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    I forgot I was following you on SoFurry

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    Thanks for the info! Always good to make posts like this now and again.

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    Not even that one unnamed twitter account :O? But I always thought that was you!

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      Ah, I didn't list my AD on here. :)

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    Well you also used takistuff for your commissions, at one point I think

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    You should update TakiSnippets more often, it needs more fun shorts~