I AM A PRODUCTIVE KITTY!!! ( also commissions! ) by Cyph3r

And I am very proud of this~ purr I've been doing VERY good in art lately, at least in terms of speed and getting things done and line cleanness. And so I'm happy to announce... I'M TAKING ANOTHER SWING AT COMMISSIONS! I DO have a few things I need to finish up in terms of art, but I've got a good work pace now! Prices will also be adjusted! This is for a VERY specific reason... My previous try at pricing was goofed by my pricesheet ( which will be fixed at some point )... Anyways!

$5.50 USD for Lineart, $10.50 USD for Flatcolor. Background is free unless you want visible specific detail, in which case it's $3.50 USD.

I've also a few rules!
1. No NSFW commissions. Nude is fine, but NO NSFW detail will be added.
2. You CAN ask me to see if I've gotten to your commission or if it's coming up soon on my queue. BUT if you bug me too much, I can ( and probably will ) ignore you until such time as it's your turn!
3. Money up front! Since I charge a flat fee, I prefer to get money first.
4. All artwork WILL be posted to my DeviantArt ( at ChaosCatcypher ), AND to my Weasyl here ( Cyph3r )... My Weasyl is basically my catch-all account either way, I upload ALL of my art here.
5. This one is important! Have your money ready as soon as you Commission! I CANNOT stress this enough as my workspeed depends on detail of the character and commission and so it can fluctuate and no one wants to be caught with their pants down so as soon as you commission is as soon as you'll be paying the fee! Be polite, courteous, and patient. Do that and if something comes out not quite how you like it, I'll work with you to fix it to be satisfactory. However this does not mean you can say "Redo the whole thing". That's just bad etiquette...

Thank you for your time~

I AM A PRODUCTIVE KITTY!!! ( also commissions! )


15 May 2015 at 08:37:00 MDT

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