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Patreon Re-Launch by Dmitry

Hey Guys!

So I'm re-launching my Patreon account. I'm not asking that you go there straight away and support me, but if you think I'm worth it, I would appreciate the support. I'm going to be revamping everything and posting every. Single. Day. I'm already working on building up sketches days in advance just in case I have an off day. I'm working on short comic strips, more SFW art, and, of course, lot's of porn (which I know you'll like). So please, if you can, help this wolf live the dream of being a paid artist. $1 a month gets you everything on the site and there will be a few "Patron Exclusive" items.

My Solemn Promise:
I WILL NOT forget all my followers here on FA and Weasyl. I refuse to be one of those people that only loves their Patrons. As much as I will love my patrons, you guys were here first and I will continue to give you work! Yes, I will be offering some "Patron Exclusive" work, which I will post here, BUT I will not deny you guys my artwork. There will probably be a lapse (of roughly a month) between artwork being posted to Patreon and being posted here (on completed works at least). But I promise to take care of you guys. I won't keep every single thing on Patreon, I promise!

Come help me get my dream started?


Patreon Re-Launch


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