Crushing on the strange things by Viciviser

So, I don't know why my xenophilia takes off to new heights at times. But I am strongly drawn to beings that are foreign to the human genome. For example, tonight, I watched Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and there was one story involving a gargoyle. It killed a guy in an alley and then spoke, telling the main character to promise not to mention he saw it or what it did or said there that night. The gargoyle turned out to be female, but how dangerous it was coupled with its grotesque appearance and ferocity had me wishing I could promise it.. some other things.
The Gargoyle

My most recent crush is actually an old crush renewed with a passion:
Pilot from the sci-fi series, Farscape.

I had watched the show some back when it was still airing on the SciFi channel. Now I've gone back to it since it showed up on Netflix.
He's polite, caring, extremely intelligent, and self-sacrificing. He's such a sweetheart. His body intrigues me. He looks like something aquatic almost with crustacean and cephalopod features. Four arms and four legs. His legs (weaker and smaller looking) stay under the floor inside the main cockpit/control center. So does his lower abdomen which has some parts of him attached directly to the biomechanoid (living ship), Moya.

All I can say is that if he were real I would keep him company all the time.
I want in you cockpit
I'd kiss all your sadness away
You're glorious

Honorable mention on aliens from Farscape goes to Namtar the geneticist.
Smooth and sexy voice. Cultured and more than a little condescending.
Outfit that just screamed kinky on so many levels.
He towers over other humanoids

Anyone else find romantic/physical interest in strange beings?

Crushing on the strange things


13 May 2015 at 03:53:37 MDT

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