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Monster Hunter: Helping Other Hunters by ToxicCreed

So I was curious how many of my watchers play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and if they do, if they'd want to just derp around with hunting? I'm willing to help anyone with a few things in general.

  • Gearing up with Armor or Weapon Upgrades
  • Advancing through the Guild Hall with the HR Ranks and getting to G-rank
  • Killing things in general

Gathering Hall Quests
Monster Hunter Wikia: Gathering Hall Quests
This list provides all of the key quests needed to reach up in the ranks for anyone who is looking to advance to HR and get to G rank.

If you would like to help people let me know and I will add you to this list :)

I won't be giving out my Friend Codes to anyone, and I will create a room for those who want to hunt to join in. It WILL be password protected to avoid anyone who isn't a friend or from this journal from joining unexpectedly. I will give out the code via note to prevent those who just randomly find this journal from jumping in.
For the most part I'm a very LAID BACK hunter, if you make a mistake I don't give a rats ass. I've died NUMEROUS times during the game, I am not a pro at it (Far from it even) so if you make a mistake, get killed or one shot I don't care. I mean, I've been fucked over so many times by stupid deaths it's unbelievable... COUGHS*GoddamnRathianstunkillingmeinacornerwhileIwastryingtohealfromherfuckingpoisonwithlittlehealth*COUGHS

For the most part I have 2 characters I use, though one is by far better than the other at the moment because... reasons... either way you can pick between my Main Slot 1 Hunter
Weapon: Hammer/Dual Swords (Hammer's Vary but Dual's are Crimson Fatalis Duals)
Alt Weapons: Long Sword or Insect Glaive
Armor: Full Excello Armor (Molten Tigrex Armor)
Palico: Full Seregios Set
Rank: G1*

OR You can pick my Secondary Character Jem. This character is ONLY meant to help others out but he's currently just been used to get to 10* Village quests meaning I haven't done MUCH in the guild with him. If you want to hunt with HIM give me a few days to get him up in rank so that you don't have to 'carry' him to the big leagues.
Weapon: Longsword (Currently switched between Daora, Gogmazios and White Fatalis LS's)
Alt Weapons: Insect Glaive
Armor: Full White Fatalis Armor
Palico: Full Escador Armor
Rank: HR6

Monster Hunter: Helping Other Hunters


2 April 2015 at 18:35:38 MDT

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    I play :3

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      Awesome :) If you ever want help do let me know. Right now I'm working on grinding up my secondary character so I can help others with him XD

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        What are you gunner? DB?

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          Nope :C My friend (roommate) is a Gunner. We both decided to try different weapons from the norm. I did a bit of gunning in 3U actually but never fully could grasp it. So I went with something I poked at a bit in the past, Hammer and then went to Duals which I never used before XD

          I also poked into Glaive but that's just way to hard for me oxo

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            What do you use?

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              The journal lists the weapons I personally use. For me on my main character I switch between Dual Swords (Which I have the Crimson Fatalis ones of that go with my Molten Tigrex set) or Hammers. For my secondary character (The one with the White Fatalis armor) I use a Longsword for the most part, trying to delve into things like the Insect Glaive.

              In 3U I played with the Longsword because I never played a game since the 1st for the PS2 where I was a Great Sword user and I never knew of the changes they made to it so going with that confused me which is why I switched to the Longsword in 3U.