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Hello everyone, I bet you weren't expecting something from me again.

For the ten of you who actually watch me here, and the few who are actually bothering to read this journal, I have something important to say. Most likely I won't be posting artwork here for the following reasons:

-Literally I have ten watchers here and they give me no feedback
-I am more active on other sites with more watchers and feedback
-This site is still new and hasn't seen an influx of popularity a year or so later

Personally I think it makes no sense to post art here and get no feedback day after day and see the same results, which is why I haven't posted my recent artwork here. It's just going to be the same cycle again and no matter how much I advertise for my Weasyl, I still get nothing and my attempts are futile. At least on my Furaffinity or Deviantart I get much more attention for the same exact work. I proposed a theory about this site in my mind almost a year ago and it proved to be true: the only way you're getting attention on this site is if you're famous on another site. Think about it for a while and tell me if I'm right or not.

And most of you here reading this probably have FA accounts, which brings me to a new topic. I'm assuming you've heard about the takeover of FA by IMVU and the crowd who insists on flipping the hell out over it. And I need to look more into this topic because I know very little about it and I never really used IMVU before. The big debate I keep hearing is that users on IMVU are allowed to steal artwork and sell it on the IMVU shop. And I've been seeing journals popping up all over FA that basically rant and rave about the supposed "new policy" enacted by FA's staff in accordance with IMVU. SImply put, a good portion of the population thinks that art theft will be allowed because FA is changing their terms of service with IMVU and vice versa. It's not really affecting me in any way, shape, or form.

Here are a list of my [other] sites that I am more active on, even if FA turns out to be a hellhole:
Furaffinity (this is pending if things get worse):
Facebook Art Page:
(And I have a link to my personal Facebook account somewhere on my front page if you want to watch that)

If worse comes to worse on FA and people start to leave, most likely I will head over to Deviantart and most likely I will come here as a secondary. But I don't know yet and people are treating this like it's the end of the world. And I may be inclined to make a SoFurry or something if there really is a problem with FA.

Thank you to all who took the time to read this, and that's just my two cents on the whole problem.

Not very active here


26 March 2015 at 19:55:12 MDT

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    Well I know what's helped me a lot is actually reaching out to folks! Like right now! I like to go around and poke at people's journals and say hi!

    As for FA/IMVU the gist of it is...
    1. The buyout made folks realize how much stolen art is on there (30+ pages! In the general section alone! ). They are by no means allowed to do it but it is so rampant on there it's just insane.
    2. The only way to get them to take it down is to file a DMCA which is basically a cease and desist for artists. Only the original artists can file it.
    3. IMVU has a $20 pay wall for "adult" content. Because if the it makes finding stolen art very hard since no one is willing to pay just to browse for stolen art.

    I don't want to get into the drama buts but the art stuff is generally the biggest problem. Personally I don't trust it not because I think my art will get stolen because I'm there but because IMVU is doing nothing to help with the stolen art. They have no internal takedown system or anything. The only way is DMCA which can take some time.

    I can provide links for proof I'm just on my phone so it's a little hard but if you wish I will gladly provide them! I hope that helps you understand it better!

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      Well hello to you too~
      And that's probably the reason why I have multiple sites, as you can tell by the links I posted.

      What I've said here is all that I know about the subject matter.... I have the desire to know more about this and if this is a threat to me as an artist. And there are a few concerned users over on FA who feel as if they are at risk, I know that. I remember finding someone's journal, can't remember who's, but it provided a link to the IMVU shop and showed "proof" that art is being stolen. I took a look through about two pages of this and didn't recognize anyone's artwork nor style from all the results I've seen, in that case I will assume it's stolen. Which brings me to another good point.

      I didn't really want to jinx it in the journal entry, but I feel as if this is important enough to tell you. All the art I've seen on there is digital, and I don't do digital so I don't think my work would be targeted because I draw traditionally. I've had a few art theft cases long before this, and they were minor, seeing as my art isn't very sought after.

      I might as well point you to this again because it lies within the context of the journal. I've stated that I don't use IMVU and is not familiar with the policies. There is proof of all this happening on the site, and I've seen it for myself but I don't really see myself as a prime target.

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        :D If nothing else from this happens, at least artists will start spreading out! It's never a bad thing!

        Honestly you aren't wrong in your observations! It's why I haven't been too terribly worried about the whole thing. I mostly feel bad for the overly popular folks, like Falvie. Hers seems to be one of the most rampant. Since the DMCA must be filed for one picture at a time it could take a really long time to work through everything!

        The good news is that it is working to a point. IMVU has begun permanently banning accounts now for those folks selling tons of stolen art!

        A few good folks from IMVU have actually popped into the FAF and helped them find art by posting screen shots if the adult marketplace so people wouldn't have to pay which was really nice of them!

        One policy that really has artists upset is the ability for IMVU creators to actually resell IMVU credits for actual money! You did read that right. If a creator went as far as to become an official credits reseller they can make actual money off the stolen products. D:

        In conclusion I feel much the same as you. I don't do any adult art really. The most of my art is traditional conbadges (something else I didn't see amongst stolen art). Hopefully the situation can be fixed somehow. All this stuff is just crazy. @-@