Voting for Ursa Major Awards 2014 Open by QuetzaDrake

So, turns out FH actually got nominated again this year, which I honestly didn't really expect since it didn't get nominated last year. But hey, whatever, that's pretty cool that it rebounded, thanks to everyone who got it on the nominee list this year! Unfortunately neither of Immy's comics got nominated, which makes me sad because I think Black Dogs really deserved to be nominated for the first time this year, but oh well.

So voting is now open until April 15th. If you somehow don't know yet how to do it, you get a key through your email and then list the top 3 of your choosing for each category. Furthia High is under Graphic Story as it always is, so if you wanna go vote for it, that's where it is. You also don't need to vote in every category, nor need to vote for the maximum amount per category. And as I say every year, if you don't think FH deserves to win over the others in the category, by all means vote for them instead.

Voting for Ursa Major Awards 2014 Open


18 March 2015 at 07:20:17 MDT

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