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Hi there, old sports. I'm QuetzaDrake, author of Furthia High and occasional artist of stuff, sometimes normal, sometimes fetish-y. Happy to have you on my page! :U

Current icon drawn by me!

Current image in banner drawn by Ricket/Fickle!

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Advertising my Patreon for FH due to low pledges! Please read if you could.

Haven't made a journal here in a really long time apparently, but uh, I'd like to get as far reaching an audience as possible for this.

Well, due to two high-paying Patrons being Declined for two different reasons (one just vanished and hasn't responded to any contact attempts in 2 months, the other is ??? about their inconsistent money situation), the Patreon for Furthia High has dipped under $50 per week. This puts it both underneath the $50 'goal' set that is supposed to guarantee I update Furthia High every two weeks, as well as just puts it down as low as it's ever been in years.

One of those high-paying Patrons maaay be able to recover their situation and fix it, I have no idea, it took them over a month to get it resolved the last time they were declined and it only "fixed" things for a month apparently, and I have no clue where the other one went. Regardless, even if the first Patron does fix their situation, I'm really not fond of the fact that a third of the monthly income is apparently constantly on a knife's edge and could just vanish abruptly at the end of any potential month.

So I guess the point of this is A) if you're currently a Patron, if you'd consider raising your pledge by any amount, that'd be incredibly appreciated from you guys, and B) if you're not currently a Patron and are a fan of me/FH/whatever, if you'd consider pledging to the Patreon, or advertising it to others who might be interested? Even $1 a week would be incredibly appreciated, especially to just in general bolster the amount of patrons and spread of the weekly/monthly pledges. It feels kind of shitty to have to ask this stuff, but, well, when you're in potential trouble it's better to swallow pride then keep it locked up until it's too late.

Pledging to the FH patreon gets you the bonus of seeing the comic before anybody else (even if it's late), as well as getting the written scripts of future comic pages well in advance (you can actually right now read up to the end of the current arc with Bruce if you wanted, as well as hints on what the next arc is about) and extra trivia and tidbits about the planning and production of the comic, like inspirations, comic progress, insight into designs and writing, etc. There's some extra stuff for Rewards, but those are mostly up to you if you'd like them or not, like $25/week gets a character of your choosing into FH as a cameo/bg character at some point, even if you ever stop pledging that amount at any point after doing it at least a month.

Anyway, yeah, I suppose if this situation doesn't remedy itself, and ideally in a more secure way, then I might have to open for commissions of some sort and sacrifice the comic to some degree until the Patreon's numbers increase to a more "safe" level. Do what you have to, I guess. Hopefully things can get resolved in some way or another. And a big thanks to all my current paying Patrons who've stuck around for so long and helping out.

Also, uh... birthday's on Saturday. Was going to mention it today actually in a happier journal but uh, shit happens. :/

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    hey, I just read Furthia High for the first time in one sitting, and I gotta say that I really liked it! I've seen it around for the past 6+ years but always avoided reading too many webcomics at once, but I decided to go ahead and read it, and I'm glad I did. I hope to see more in the future. You do a great job, and I love seeing the artistic progression.

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    thanks for the fav <3

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      Oups bad manipulation ... I was about to say : Thank you for following mew ! :D

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    Thanks for the confirm Quetza :D

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    Thanks for the follow! :D

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    Sweet. I enjoy your comic!