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TMI T[hur]sday! by Amagire

ASK ME (almost*) ANYTHING! If you feel like it, that is.

*I reserve the right to be cagey about RL medical information, potentially illegal activities, anything like that. Sex/fetish inquiries are cool tho.

If you're in more of an answering than asking mood, I have a question. Are you +following for the adult stuff, the all-audiences stuff, or both?

TMI T[hur]sday!


5 March 2015 at 11:36:04 MST

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    I can't think of anything to ask |D

    I watch you because you draw more than just "typical" species and "typical" body types. There's a HUGE variety in your gallery and it's fantastic to see. Also your Adoptables are always amazing and the descriptions are the icing on the cake! You just seem like you don't take life too seriously and enjoy art for art's sake, and it's a really nice change of pace :) Plus your art is far from hard on the eyes, so there's that too <3

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      Aw thanks. :> Trying to monetize my art has been an interesting adventure so far this year: I decided pretty early on to try to expand my audience by drawing the things that I like, rather than trying to appeal to a broader subset of the fandom by guessing what they would like. While I've been working pretty hard to keep my head above water, as it were, it seems like that was a correct decision, since it's been three months and I haven't burnt out on the pace I set. Or wrecked my arm, which is another concern.

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    Where else am I going to find banana slugs and fungus? :| I follow because you're hella kickass awesome. ~wingthumbs up~ But I thoroughly enjoy both your all-ages and mature-rated art. Your adoptables have amazing descriptions I look forward to every time and really sell the pieces. Often to us. >_>

    Disregard any questions you don't wish to answer, of course! Some are TM, some are just MI.

    • Of all your "unusual"/fetishy prurient interests, which would you say is nearest and dearest to your heart?
    • What is your favorite video game of all time? What makes it so?
    • What video game eats most of your video game time right now (when you can play)?
    • Do you have any games that you are ashamed to admit you play (either due to content or inanity or...?)?
    • How many stuffed animals do you have?
    • Which stuffed animal is your oldest (or has been with you the longest)?
    • What program(s) do you use for digital art? How did you learn the program?
    • What tablet do you have/use?
    • What is your favorite traditional medium for art?
    • Do you like music, TV, silence, or what when you are working on art?
    • What kind of music do you like?
    • What is your favorite beverage?
    • If you were suddenly a kind of crustacean, what would you be?
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      OH GOSH I am awash in a sea of questions. HOW DO I UNORDERED LIST IN MARKDOWN.

      • Of course you know I'm going to say "plushophilia". Of course.
      • I declare a five-way tie between Skyrim, de Blob, Journey, Okami, and all of the Sam and Max games, and you can't stop me. Bwaha. (Skyrim because I have sunk more hours of my life into it than any other game ever, de Blob because it's cute and fun and makes me happy, Journey because it makes me feel good about humanity, Okami because it's beautiful and kind of the best possible example of the thing it is, and Sam and Max because FUCK YEAH SAM AND MAX.)
      • Guild Wars 2, where I play all of the charr (and some of the plant elves).
      • Uh. Webkinz I just signed up for yesterday, that's pretty silly. If you want actual GAME SHAME though, I am in love with a deeply, profoundly goofy Wii game called Monster Lab. It's intended for ten-year-olds and it is outrageously fun, you play mini-games to make monster parts, build monsters, and wander around fighting other monsters and dshdfskjhdsaf I just always wanted to be a cartoon mad scientist ok. Oh, also I paid Real Actual Money for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed because my gf likes to play it with me.
      • I am honestly not sure! My last plush census was in 2006, and I'm overdue for another. Somewhere between four and six hundred, is my guesstimate.
      • Well, let's see. The oldest biographically is a cockatoo, creatively named Polly! I've had him since I was born. The oldest chronologically is a poodle named Blackie that belonged to my uncle, it's about 60 years old and is stuffed with sawdust. *sneeze
      • I use Firealpaca. My initial attraction to the program was probably "it's free", but I honestly haven't really thought about changing it, I like it a lot. It does nearly everything I want a graphics editor to do, and -- this is important -- DOESN'T do things I don't want a graphics editor to do.
      • I have this -- one of the lower-end Wacoms. Mine's a few years old now, but still going strong! Many generations of pen nibs have come and gone, though. Many.
      • I generally listen to either music or podcasts; less for the sound and more for the timekeeping factor, since when the music/podcast ends I know it's time to take a break.
      • I NEVER KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THIS. "I like some songs and not other songs, with no obvious genre markers, and I mostly don't listen to the radio because I'd rather hear no music at all than listen any song I dislike" is kind of unsatisfying. Here, have some songs I think are good. And some more. Moooooooore. THAT'S ENOUGH, GOSH KYN
      • Werewolf beer. Or tea, in its infinite variety and the way it takes up a whole cupboard in my kitchen.
      • I want to say GIANT ISOPOD or ANY OTHER ISOPOD or COCONUT CRAB or MANTIS SHRIMP or something else cool, but realistically, I know the answer must be "barnacle".
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    Hmm...What did you.....have for lunch: :3

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      I haven't had lunch yet (oops), but it's going to be grilled salmon heads. :9

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    I'll start with answering: I follow you for both, as qualities including (but not limited to!) your gorgeous fur and feather textures, your diversity of species and bodies, your attention to details that contribute to the expression of your characters' feelings, and your completely distinctive invention, wit, compassion, and hilarity infuse all your works, adult and otherwise. That you draw several of my favorite fetishes, and appear to me to emphasize several of my favorite aspects of most adult pictures (facial expressions, twining and clutching, evident adoration) further heightens my interest in those pieces.

    I said "start" because I am, predictably I suspect, also bursting with naughty questions for you, some of which I might even muster the boldness to ask shortly.

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      Aaaah everyone's being so generous with the compliments. Thank you! I do like the like/fav/kudos functionality that social websites generally have; it's nice to have a no-stress way to mark things you like, but it never explains WHY people click that button, and I always wonder.

      I await your inquiries. /folds hands/

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        Alright, I'd better follow up while it's still TMI Thursday. I'm going to indulge my inclination to be raunchy (along with some other curiosities), so in case I'm going too far with the sex inquiries, I apologize in advance, and understand if I'm BALEETED.

        • What are some of your favorite ways to masturbate?
        • What are some of your favorite fantasies while for you do?
        • Who are some artists (in the general sense, including writers, musicians, etc.) you most admire, or most study for techniques you use yourself?
        • Are there any specific questions you were hoping someone might ask that no one has yet? (That might be cheating. Or it might be fun. I don't know!)
        • Kyn's "Adoptables" series as their Enigma Variations: breakthrough in art history research, or unsubstantiated speculation?
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          • I really like anal penetration. A lot. I tend to incorporate butt plugs and anal dildos into all my favorite solo techniques; my favorites are a set of lathed aluminum sex toys that I made myself in 2003.
          • I don't actually fantasize all that much when I'm masturbating. I can get myself off in under a minute with no special equipment; when I want to last longer I typically use edging techniques and try NOT to think sexy thoughts, heh. This wasn't always the case, however, and back when I incorporated vivid fantasy into my self-pleasure, popular themes included robots, dragons, lycanthropy transmitted through sex, werewolf transformation during sex, and the boring-but-always-effective method of imagining my loved ones writhing and squirming along with me.
          • Hm. Hmmmm. This is always a tough one. The process of learning to Digital Art in particular has included a lot of looking at online tutorials and going WHAT, and also hanging out in people's Livestreams and going WHAT, including Rah Bop, Nambroth, Vantid, DimeSpin, Eskiworks, battleferrets, uropygid. ...Also worth mentioning, probably, is a creative art form that I hold close to my chest: writing. I really, really love writing, but it's so hard to put it out there, in part because there are brilliant writers everywhere and I hammer my face on my keyboard while gasping at their prose. People who make me scream WHY CAN'T I WRITE LIKE THAT include, but are not limited to: Scott Lynch, Connie Willis, Alex Haist, Ursula Vernon, Summer Jackel, James Alan Gardner, Terry Pratchett...
          • I think it's likelier that I'm not all that creative, and regularly steal my friends' experiences, hobbies, opinions, and personality aspects when I'm generating characters. It's all y'all's fault for being so dang interesting.
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            Thanks for being so generous with your responses, as well as by soliciting questions originally. I'm regularly astonished at your prose, for what that's worth; it's no small thing, for example, to sketch in a couple sentences (as in your adoptables' descriptions) a character so vivid that someone will cry "That's me [or 'my friend X']!".