Big Cats in Captivity Documentary! Share at least! by ilbv

OKAY! I know that there are a LOT of animal lovers here, I mean you guys ARE animals (most of you, and I mean your fursonas not lifestyles) I figure this may generate some interest and potentially some discussion and helping out!

Some people I know are hoping to make this documentary about Big Cats in Captivity and raise awareness about them! They are just past their halfway mark with 6 days to go! Please share it around so that they can make this documentary happen. Every little bit helps!
I think it be really cool if they made it! I've pledged $30, but you can pledge as little as $1 and still help make a difference!

Also, they won't get your money UNLESS they reach their full goal! SO if they don't make their goal in 6 days, you don't get the money taken from your account.

Big Cats in Captivity Documentary! Share at least!


8 February 2015 at 02:07:38 MST

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