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I hate Endings by ilbv

The End is the worst paring of words ever!

I can't take it when a story is over, I feel loss, personal loss. Especially when if its a fictional thing (books, tv, film, ect.) and you grow so attached or grow with or fall for characters and places and the adventures that take place and completely envelop you in their worlds <3 Magic!

And then it ends and you are left behind! The story just finished, whether on a good note, bad note, it is over and you are left with only the memory. The loss is there and it hurts like hell.

Endings can be so beautiful and so touching, and leave you feeling bubbles in all of your everythings but it is still over and it is heartbreaking. Sobs, tears, feels, all the feels, love, want, desire, passion, it just disperses out of the remnants of your soul which melts/explodes/dissolves/implodes/dies/rips/shreds/tears/mutilates/poisons/drowns/crushes/terminates

and you are a weeping sobbing mess of emotional tears and love and passion and all of the beautiful wonderful things in the life you had with these characters and settings and places and music and magic and laughter and sadness - IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE

I just can't take it.

Endings are necessary and beautiful, or some can be bad and terrible, but they happen and no one can stop them and that's just how it is...I still hate them.

I hate Endings


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