Ursa Major Awards 2014 by QuetzaDrake

Yeah, that time of year again, although some differences this year in my attitude this year I guess.

Firstly, huh, for the first time I think ever, Furthia High (and Ballerina Mafia) is actually on the Ursa Recommended Anthropomorphics List. That's the thing before the usual Awards where people email them specifically with all their recommended furry stuff for the year. So whoever it was that recommended me (and Immy) to be on that list for the first time, thanks for thinking of us! That's pretty neat.

Secondly, well, again, that time of year for nominations for Ursa Major Awards, and like last year I forgot they were happening 2 weeks after nominations opened. I will of course ask that you nominate Furthia High like I do every year, even though I care even less about potentially winning than I did last year, cause it's always nice to pop up in the nominations at least.

I will ALSO ask this year, though, that you definitely nominate Order of the Black Dogs by Immelmann. While 2014 was a pretty sucky year for FH I think, Black Dogs has been doing great, and I think it should start getting the limelight that Concession used to on the UMAs years ago. Also maybe nominate Ballerina Mafia, since it managed to pop up on the Recommend List and hey, why not.

http://www.ursamajorawards.org/nominations/ So yeah, like always, put in your email, get a voting key, put in your voting key, fill in all the spaces you want, put in Order of the Black Dogs and maybe Furthia High for the Graphic Story category, put in maybe Ballerina Mafia for the Comic Strip category, and submit it for the nominations. This is, again, nominations, not voting, that comes later.

Nominate, spread it around, etc. etc., nominations end on the 28th.

Ursa Major Awards 2014


6 February 2015 at 17:49:02 MST

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