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Let The Contest Begin by LeopardWolf

I'm holding a contest that is pretty easy to win, and multiple prizes will be available. Interested? Then read on!

You have many chances of winning, in many different ways. Each option is listed below, with the amount of entries into the contest that each option will get you. You can do one of these things, or you can do all of them. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning!

Step 1 : Comment on this post . - 1 Entry

Just make a comment on this post letting me know you saw it, and you get 1 chance at winning the contest. It's that easy!

**Simply "Like"/Fav-ing the post does *NOT count. You have to leave a comment.

Step 2: Like / Follow my Facebook page. - 5 Entries

Like and follow my LeopardWolf's Designs Facebook page if you haven't already. Everyone who likes and follows my page ( including those currently liked/following ) between now and March 15th will get 5 chances at winning the contest!

***Don't forget to add me to your news feed so you don't miss updates!

Step 3: Share this post on your timeline/status update/journal/etc. - 10 Entries

Share this post and tell everyone about this awesome contest and get 10 chances to win. The more people who participate, the better the prizes will be! Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

***Make sure and comment here when you share this post and link to the share, so that I can verify and add your entries!

Step 4: Become a Patreon. - 20 Entries

All of my Patreon subscribers with current pledges get 20 chances at winning the contest, even at the $1 pledge goal! It's that simple, and puts you way ahead of the game for your generous support!

You must keep your Patreon pledge active through March's payment cycle to qualify for this ( normally completed in the first week of the month to middle of month, you'll get a confirmation for it ).

This contest will run from now until 11:59pm CST March 15th, 2015.

For each entry you will get a slip with your name on it. So if you get 10 entries, you get 10 slips and thus 10 chances to win. At the end those slips will be placed into a container and violently tossed about to mix them up good and proper!

A blind drawing will then be held to determine winners. Winners will be announced the following week. Winners will have 2 weeks to contact me to claim their prizes, otherwise those prizes are forfeit.

1st Prize: Value Of $100

2nd Prize: Value Of $50

3rd Prize: Value Of $25

Winners will need to share a physical mailing address for me to send prizes to. I will not ask for your address unless you are one of the winners.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, and all that silly jazz.

Let The Contest Begin


27 January 2015 at 18:30:16 MST

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