There we go by Swanda

So my computer broke down c_c
Got it fixed now though, thanks to the ever so wonderful Lucieth
Oh and for a far lower price than we had expected even! Wooh.
So thats good, all good. Now I just need to get back to drawing I guess c_C
While waiting for the pc to get fixed I've been playing a ton of Fantasy Life for the 3DS!
It's such a cute game omg ;A; And I'm so in love with it. Hahaaaa.
But really, I was sold at fishing boss battles... Not fishing up a boss to battle, but actual
fishing bosses. OMG Yes! (Sorry I'm an rpg fishing nerd okay.)

So, how are you guys? Anything going on?

There we go


23 January 2015 at 19:33:24 MST

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    Ohh man sorry about your computer sldfkj D: but certainly glad you got it fixed! And I've heard nice stuff about Fantasy Life and gotten pretty curious, hope I have a chance to get it soon and try for myself at well but dang that sounds fun XD
    I'm good though I think, kinda floundering in some bad stuff I need help with but ah a nice new character though c:

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      Yeah, the computer thing didn't actually hit me as hard as I would have thought. It was kinda nice to just shut down the whole internet/Pc games thing for a few days.
      And it gave me plenty of time on the sofa, playing 3ds and WiiU games with my cats insisting on sitting with their butt in my face. They sure did love that. Bastards.
      Yeah Fantasy Life actually is fun, especially if you like nerdy grindy kinda things, which I do to a fault. I had a total neerdgasem yesterday, as I found this giant Golden marlin boss fish swimming around a whirlpool in the ocean, and it started this super epic battle music... and it was just woah! Fish handed me my ass XD but it was amazing. Why are MMO fishing never fun like this? I mean even FFXIV that hyped how they made crafting and gathering into actual classes do it really poorly.. FFXIV fishing is no more an experience than any other mmo with it.. It's sad :C And thats what makes Fantasy Life so good. It actually treats crafting with almost the same care and love as they do the monster battling.
      And now I'm just rambling... Wooop.

      I'm sorry to hear that you are having some problems there :C If its something you wanna talk about or just dump on some random stranger, I would gladly listen.
      Either through notes or on skype <3

      A new character huh? Could we get a looksee?

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        awwww what the heck....>:C sucks for those other games being like that. That sounds a lot better though!
        And I may PM you about it yeah if thats alright XD;;

        I haven't uploaded here yet but Was a draw to adopt thing actually based on the feral form, really proud of it though yesssssss

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          Of cause its alright X) You can always write me, always.

          Also what a cutie <3

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    no computer is a strain when its such a habit and lifestyle thing but breaking habits and just chilling on the couch with no screen can totally be a great break.

    dude fishing (parts of) games that are good: few and far between!

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      Its nice to change things up a bit once in awhile indeed.
      And oh, man, I love fishing so much in games XD It's really bad. Even got a server first fishing achievement in WoW, and all my characters maxed in fishing.
      Its just a mee thing I guess! Though I really wish games would upp the crafting and gatherings. Its been pretty much the same standard in forever...
      SO yess, Fantasy Life is quite the upgrade on that front.