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Hey y'all! Just wanted to let you know I made it back in more or less one piece.

To sum it up, the convention kinda sucked for me. I'm not being a pessimist I swear- there were just so many bad things I find it actually quite hilarious. I didn't make even a fraction of the profit I had hoped on with my MLP wall scrolls, and then by noon on Satuday the dealers den's AC broke and I had suffocated so bad that my immune system succumbed to a major flu bug that night. Then to top it off I was part of the four floors in the Marriott to be evacuated at 4am the next morning due to someone smoking the place up. I could only doodle a few mini badges and dared not try sketching- I'm so out of practise thanks to the holidays and selling landlord stuff. But yeah super sad I didn't get to a single panel or dance or hang with friends :( suntattoowolf you were super awesome to be so nice as to come visit our hotel room-it really made my night, and stealing Temrin's lemon water when she got back saved me omg you don't even know so thank youuuuu<3

But the trip was totally worth it stopping at the Redwood Parks. My inner tree fan crawled out into the open as I splurged more money at the information center than I did at FC's dealers den XD I found an awesome banana slug crossing sign magnet because they totally happen here where I live too. They had a Tshirt that said "May the forest be with you" that I wanted so bad, but the graphics weren't good enough to add to my already-too-large printed T's collection. It was really hard to tear myself away and crawl back into the car for another 18hr drive.

Now to figure out what I'm doing next? It's a bit tricky. I managed to get a mortgage approval for the first time ever, and I can't wait to start the complicated journey of house shopping. Sure it's more expenses and hassles, but I can't rent for the same square footage I need for any less, and I'm bursting at the seams in this tiny suite. But then I'm also debating studio job opportunities to be able to afford more house, and just has me running in circles. For now I'm going to be finishing last year's arrangements, studies, and projects, and will give my email followers a special heads up before announcing publicly when I reopen completely for commissions. Soooo if you would like to be on that list just PM me with your email!


FC Summary


23 January 2015 at 02:07:33 MST

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