Commissions? Eye Exam by AngelAito

Was wondering if any of my followers here might be interested in getting a commission from me? It wouldn't be done until my current ones are complete but I only have a few left. I have an eye appointment next week and some extra money to cover costs for this would be nice.
My prices and ToS are here -
Even little things help <3

Commissions? Eye Exam


22 January 2015 at 17:19:08 MST

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    I'd probably be interested! I desire more Kallias, or any of my other humanized versions of my chars. xD

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      That would be amazing! :D Any idea what you might be interested in? I'm open for anything right now C:

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        I'll let you know by tomorrow if that's okay!

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          That's fine C:

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            Sorry for the delay! I'll be getting back to you tonight or tomorrow for sure! Been a bit busy. ^^;

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              It's no problem C: Whenever you have time to get back to me

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                I think I'd like a full body, flat colored sketch. Of Kallias, of course. xD
                And I've like to see him in some gold jewelry and accessories (which I do have refs for)