~*Commission Prices & ToS*~ by AngelAito

Commission Price List

(Lists of things I will and will not draw listed in my ToS below my price list)

All Works are Digital Art


Example: (sorry for the text on it) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14446269/
Bust- $10
Chibi- $14
Thigh High- $18
Full Body- $24

Flat Coloured Sketches

Example: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/711248/alexander-elric
Bust- $12
Chibi- $17
Thigh High- $20
Full Body- $28

Cell Shaded Sketch

Example: (not a sketch but shows the shading style well)
Bust- $18
Chibi- $22
Thigh High- $28
Full Body- $32

Soft Shaded Sketched

Example: (not a sketch but shows the shading style well)
Bust- $22
Chibi- $28
Thigh High- $32
Full Body- $48

Flat Coloured Inks

Example: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/711214/eri-lady-profile-bust
Bust- $18
Chibi- $20
Thigh High- $26
Full Body- $38

Cell Shaded Inks

Example: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/718108/ych-cupcake
Bust- $22
Chibi- $26
Thigh High- $38
Full Body- $50

Soft Shaded Inks

Example: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/476556/fenris
Bust- $26
Chibi- $30
Thigh High- $48
Full Body- $60

Reference Sheet

Prices Vary
(info below)

Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8494541/
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10868701/ (nsfw)

Reference sheets are always full body, inked, and flat colour.
I can add text info but if you want it left out, or if you want me to leave a space for you to add it yourself, let me know.
All ref sheets get unique artwork, no bases for these.

Base price is $40

They start as a base of 1 forward facing pose.
**Each additional view will cost an additional fee ranging from $10 to $40, depending on the type of view. **
I can do front, back and side as well as adding busts for facial close ups or close ups of any parts you would like more detailed focus on. I can also add in close ups of accessories/jewelry/items/ect.
The smaller things (busts, close ups, accessories, ect) will obviously cost less where ass adding in full body views will cost more.

Views with clothes designs also available.
If you want me to design something, check out my "Custom Clothes Design" Commission info below.
If you have a specific outfit already, let me know when ordering because that would just fall under a normal full body view for price.


Icons are always 300x300 full view.
Flat Colour with Inks - $14
Cell Shaded with Inks - $18
Soft Shaded with Inks- $22
Example: (Shown only is soft shaded; cell shading preview available above)

Huggable Icon

Huggables icons are always 200x200 full view. They are basically a cute, simplified chibi.
Huggable - $10
Examples: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8356445/

I am ALWAYS open for Icon Commissions

Custom Clothes Design

Prices Vary
(info below)

Example: (far right pose) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8494541/
This is designing a character outfit as it's own commission (reference style), not adding clothes to a character in a normal commission piece.
These will always be full body, inked and flat coloured but can be chibi versions or normal.
This could also be added to a ref sheet commission as it's own view option.

Chibi: $20 Base price with an additional $5 to $20+ added depending on complexity of outfit. (ranging from as complex as a sweater and jeans to Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts-esque complicated designs)

Normal: $40 Base price with an additional $5 to $40+added depending on complexity of outfit. (ranging from as complex as a sweater and jeans to Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts-esque complicated designs)

More detailed info will be needed for such commissions. You can give me a general idea (including colours) and I can wing it based off that or you can be more detailed and specific if you wish.

I will allow 2 revisions at the sketch stage and 1 at the colour stage for free. Anything beyond those I will add additional charges for.


-$10 to $50+ extra for background, depending on what you want and complexity. If no background is ordered, I will simple do a colour splash or make the background transparent. If you have a preference let me know.
Examples of backgrounds I've done in the past -
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10844532/ (nsfw)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7935666/ (nsfw)
-50% of base cost added for each additional character.
-$18 extra for explicit adult commissions (this does not include just nudity), as it takes me a lot more time to do these.
-$5 to $40+ extra for very detailed characters, characters with big things like wings or extra limbs, ect. How much depends on how detailed. This is applicable to all commissions from icons to character sheets.

Collabs not available at this time

Terms of Service


While you own any character of yours that you commission me to draw, the artwork is still mine and I still retain the rights to the image I create. This means that I reserve the right to sell prints of said drawing if I so choose. If you do not wish for me to sell prints or use the image you commissioned in a similar way, you may buy the rights to the image. This charge will be discussed privately with the commissioner.
This also means that you may not re-sell the art work or sell prints of it. The art still belongs to ME and I do not allow anyone to re-sell or sell prints for profit from my art work. If you are selling a character, whom the artwork is of, and want my art to be part of the bundle that comes with selling a character, you may not do so unless you come to me FIRST and we work it out. This also includes adopts I have sold as they are of my design and the reselling of them is forbidden without, again, coming through me first.

Re-posting Artwork

While I don't mind if a commissioner re-posts a picture I did for them, I still want to be asked first for permission to do so first, as it is only polite, and proper credit must clearly be given. This especially counts for posting art over onto different sites since I am never very happy to find my art popping up places I didn't say it could be posted. If you are the commissioner of a piece, simply ask first. If you are not the commissioner, you have absolutely no right to post my art anywhere.

Fixing Commissions

If I have done something wrong in your commission, don't be afraid to let me know and I will do my best to fix it for you. If I need to revise an image more then two times though, I may charge an additional fee for the added time going into the picture.

Time frame of Completion and Deadlines

Time it takes to complete an imagine depends on many things. The complexity of the image (sketch, inked, flats, shaded), number of characters, what the character/characters are doing, backgrounds, ect. I work on commissions as frequently as possible but I am always a full time, single mother of two very young children, so through out all the time I sit and work during the day and night, it's only as much as I can squeeze in. If you require a deadline for your piece, please let me know when you place the order and give me at least 2 weeks notice. A extra fee may be charged for larger orders with a deadline. Though you and I must both always keep in mind that sometimes life gets in the way unexpectedly. Things happen but I will always try my best to complete the work as quickly as possible.


I expect payment upfront, though for bigger pictures if you want to see the sketch before paying, that can be arranged, but you must let me know upon ordering your piece. If you need to work out multiple partial payments for bigger pieces, we can discus this as well, just tell me ahead of time and we will talk it out, though work will not be completed past what I have been paid for.
I only accept PayPal at the time and all prices are in USD. I do not accept e-checks. If you try to send me an e-check I will simply refund it. If you can only send e-checks, tell me first and we might be able to work something out.

Contacting me

The best way to contact me and know that I will see is ASAP is to message me here or over on FA as I check them regularly through out the day, every day. Though sometimes I can be busy so if I do not respond right away, please don't panic, I will get to you. You can also contact me through my email, which I try to check at least once every day. My public email for contacting me is - angelaito@live.ca
Please do not try to add this email to any messengers as a contact. I do not use it for a messenger and so it would be pointless.

I will NEVER under any circumstances give out the .PSD file of a commission piece, even if you purchase rights to the artwork. This is the only way I have to prove the artwork is my work should it be stolen so I will not give them out.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason. It's nothing personal if I do. I hope in being a bit more selective it will help keep my drive and inspiration up for quick turn around times.

What I will and will not draw

Things I will draw

  • I will draw males, females, cunt bois, transgendered characters.
  • I will draw male/female, male/male, female/female
  • I will draw nudity, tasteful or erotic, sex, masturbation.
  • I will draw taurs.(Please bare in mind I am a little out of practice but I am still open to it)
  • I will draw blood and bondage.
  • I will draw pregnancy. Female and Male.
  • I will draw human/elf/fairy/nekomimi/kemonomimi characters as well as any species of anthro. Am a little weak with dragons though but can still try my best with them.
  • I will draw different body types, I'm comfortable with thin, curvy, chubby, toned and muscled.
  • I will draw fan art characters as long as it's nothing really bad like killing them or terrible things like that. I prefer to keep this limited to anime and some game characters and I will not accept all requests to do so if I do not like the character.
  • I will draw custom game characters. Going off fan art, I will draw your custom characters from video games where you can alter your appearance. Such as EverQuest, WoW, Star Wars TOR, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Saints Row, ect.
  • I will draw young/young looking characters.

Things I will not draw

  • I will not draw purposefully offensive material.
  • I will not draw hardcore gore.
  • I will not draw mecha. Maybe limbs and little things if I have good reference but I am just terrible at machines so nothing big.
  • I will not draw extreme body types. While I am alright with drawing different types of bodies, I will not do extremes such as morbidly obese or dangerously skinny or overly muscled. I am just not comfortable taking it that far.
  • I will not draw vore, any type.
  • I will not draw watersports, scat, diapers, vomit or any type of picture involving any such type of bodily function.
  • I will not draw adult cub/child art or any sort of child porn.

Side note on things I will/will not draw: I am more comfortable and skilled at drawing humans/kemonomimis then I am with furries, so please understand if sometimes I can not find myself able to do some furry things (long muzzles ect.). I will always do my best when asked too, but I do struggle some as I am a human artist so please be understanding.

Though I try to keep an open mind, there are some things I will or will not draw. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything here, feel free to note me at any time. C:

~*Commission Prices & ToS*~


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