Con Report FC by DeltaStarling

Con went pretty well. I am surprised I fit so much gear and gallery into his little Nissan Z. Was the first year in a long time I was out walking in my big boots or changing costumes all day. Boy handled being at a furry con very well for not being a furry. He found his niche outside battling in ingress and if not that, then sitting around coding. Fits right in XD

We left Friday morning instead of heading up Thursday night and had plenty of time to pick up our pre reg then head over the the art show to check in where I briefly got to greet stego_s_aurus (we hooked up for chow later in the con).

I really should have brought more art, but I just brought a selection. Next year I will try to bring more and plaster the walls of the show. I have a PILE of new art that was not in the show, but I was working hard to make pieces just as backup. I expected more bid wars, but I didn't see too many good bids this year on a lot of artists. My stuff went at a loss, but I hope the new homes love them. They bought all my favorite pieces.I think some other artists also left at a loss from what I saw. We set up the show and then we went out to eat... but my favorite bento place is now a watery milk tea toting ricebowl weeaboo delight cafe. Very disappointed.

After sad rice bowl break we went to meet up with emoburd so my oldest friend could meet the man who whisked me away to the fairy lands of northern California. From there it just turned into con time and I did my best to see everyone.

I played dresser and wardrobe for casidhevixen and was usually running around to help tighten up those corsets. Favorite job I broke my velvet catsuit finally after wearing it since 2003. So it needs a new zipper.

The dealers room was a bake house so I admit I flew through and didn't even look at the middle tables. I never never seen the room that hot in the last few years but PHEW. I wanted to stop in more to chat with people, but I just couldn't handle it, where its hot, there is most likely crud. I brought art for people who were attending, but most of them didn't get to find me or I found them and by the time I put two and two together, I lost em. XD I also missed out on seeing some people, but this time much of my time was not at con or if it was, it was lurking.

We went to Frolic and danced. Always my favorite is dancing. I didn't go to the other dances this year in exchange for night cuddles and drinking wine in bed while bird cooing at eachother. Awwww Shucks. We stayed at my old housemate's place in town, but one night he splurged on a room for some privacy. So I would like to make that money back in art to repay him for that sweet gesture. He knew I really wanted to stay at con.

We got back really late sunday night and my rabbit sitter was out walking her dog, I still need my key back from her for the house but she has that thing called 8th grade to go to. XD My rabbit Olga was just thrilled to see me come through the door, but I have yet to get a binkie, that is because she didn't get special treats over the weekend. Poor spoiled Queen.

Con Report FC


21 January 2015 at 19:27:47 MST

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