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Still Alive by SilverRavenStar

I'm still here, I haven't gone away. I've still been drawing, just haven't been posting. I am going to school right now for art so hopefully my stuff would be a bit better when I start posting again. I have still open for commissions, my sons birthday is coming up. That's the only reason why i am keeping commissions open for now is to make money for him, for his birthday so we can do something special.

The past few months have been crazy. I had a good friend of mine in October go missing, we still cant find her or any remains of here. the Holidays were hard for all of us. All the search parties that we went to and done. The family of course still wants to look but I feel bad for starting to move on, its not that i don't love her, or that I don't care.. Its more because I don't know what more to do anymore, I cant find the right words. Basically I'm on the reality side now, theirs still a chance shes out there, I'm not giving up hope. I'm just not going to let it ruin my day.

Also thank you for those who have commissioned me. I was able to by some pretty awesome presents. He's favorite toy is a stuff rainbow dash... I'm still looking for someone that can make a really nice good size limp cuddly soft rainbow dash or AppleJack for my son. I know he would love it. Help me keep a look out please ^_^

Still Alive


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