SoCal Furs Fly North This Winter (FC-Related Schedule Post) by socalfurs

Yes! It has happened. Further Confusion is here. Furs are packing, preparing and maybe panicking (just a little). Some of you have been packing your cars full of fursuits, luggage and people and are making that lovely drive up the Grapevine towards one of the largest conventions in the United States.

With so many people going off for this big weekend of furry fun, there have been some cancellations of our events. This entry serves as a heads-up for any of you who aren’t attending the convention but still want to make those weekend plans. The events that did contact me and ask me to cancel January’s event was:

  • Kearny Mesa Park Meet and Furry Bowling – The next one will happen on February 21st.

    • The Silver Fox Bar Meet – The next one will happen on January 25th. Teh is not going to FC and will be hanging out at the Silver Fox anyway. However, he didnt want to stress having the meet during such a busy convention weekend. If you are in the Long Beach area, feel free to stop by and/or contact him to let him know you are coming. Other than that, the next official Silver Fox meet will happen on January 25th.
    • Oceanside Sunset Market Outing - The next one will happen on February 19th.

I look forward to seeing all the great posts from people about this upcoming weekend, whether you attend the convention or not. However, if you know some furs who are not attending the convention, by all means pass this post along so that they know what is available and what isnt for this weekend. If you want an impromptu event announced by us on our Twitter, than by all means, contact me ASAP.

SoCal Furs Fly North This Winter (FC-Related Schedule Post)


13 January 2015 at 11:24:26 MST

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