Raising the bar for music in 2015 & Latest WIPs Inside! by Grandvision

I am alive!

My 2014 year in music wasn't the most spectacular as you could probably guess if you followed me closely in the past 2 years, but I have been trying to improve my craft and generally compose unique pieces if I could. I mostly had to stop due to finding a new way to export music without having cut offs, which I fixed, and having to work a normal job in order to pay bills, but now I am more comfortable and I have a lot of goals for 2015 to go through. One of which is to improve on my orchestral composition skills.

I've got some WIPs to share. One is for a commissioner on another website with an Epic Sci-Fi Theme/Mood. Not much detail was given so I was given free reign on the project, which I personally love.

Here it is - http://picosong.com/4iMz/

I have also recently began working on something personal, based off an older unfinished piece, which I very much loved but could never finish, but now I can remake it since I still have the Project File. It's very bare bones.


(Kudos to anyone who can guess the name of the track and the track link for it) P.S IT IS in my Weasyl Submissions.

Keep in mind, my creation proccess is very weird. I like to compose a main motif and then layer instruments one by one, changing notes often, but often leaving the progression part alone until I finish writing all the melodies. Crescendos and swipe in/outs are also left out, or have temporary sounds put up to indicate progression, slow down or change in mood or timing. So everything you hear here are basically melodies which I think I can work with and develope into a full blown track.

As you can see guys, I am not completely dead, and I hope you continue to listen to my creations as it's really comforting to see people comment and just enjoy my venture into music.

See you in the next journal where I will be putting a 2014 Music Retrospective.

Grandvision Studio.

Raising the bar for music in 2015 & Latest WIPs Inside!


12 January 2015 at 18:00:21 MST

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