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Eurofurence 21: Dealer's Den! by SiranaJHelena

Howdy and hello!

Saturday evening (GMT+1) the registration for Eurofurence 21 started. One day later I reserved a place as well, payed the fee and.. well, I'll be there!

After I decided to do illustrations for living last year, I was thinking about getting a table in the Dealer's Den. I found a great artist who gives me the honor to share a table with her: Divided Divided
So I'll give it a try and I'm already quite excited about it. :)

Well then, just one problem: It's the first time! And the range of offers from other artists I've seen last year is too wide to do all of sorts of stuff for my own table.
So, what would you like to get at Eurofurence? In what kind of artwork, goods and articles are you interested? ^^

See you in August!

Eurofurence 21: Dealer's Den!


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    Thats great news. I am looking forward to pay you a visit at your table then. Will be there from Friday to Sunday and i hope, there is still a lot to see at the dealers den.
    To answer your question, i have no special idea, of what to get. Its always a surprise for me too, with what a buy there. Maybe a nice bookmark or some small stickers? What about a nice paperweight? Well, its hard those times, when everything is digital or people are using different things for bookmarks and stuff.
    I'm sure, you will have a great time. :)