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I should know in a few hours whether or not we'll have "The Vimana Incident" at FC.

Just in case, I did some edits on the text last night to save a little time. Mostly, it was clearing up a couple of remaining instances of awkward phrasing, one or two small historic flubs (like referring to a Cathedral in Laon when they didn't actually have one) and adding in some neat ideas here and there.

I still feel that this manuscript is good and tight. I'll be not only bitterly disappointed, but frankly concerned about my prospects as a writer and/or mental state if this book also fails to be publishable in its current form.

However, please bear in mind that even if the book itself is fine, it may come down to the guys at Furplanet simply not having enough time to rush a release. In that case, knock on wood, it should be out at Furry Fiesta.

This is really a nail-biter. I wrote two bold experiments; the first one is a partial failure that will have to be heavily restructured. I really hope the second one doesn't pan out the same. I can deal with a delayed release but I'll be in a pretty bad state if I begin to feel that I've lost my touch as a writer.

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10 January 2015 at 18:03:31 MST

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