My Sincerest Apologies by Threetails

There is now a chance I will not have any properly new books to introduce at FC.

Furplanet has been swamped with submissions and has only just gotten to review "The Linen Butterfly." However, the text suffers from a number of problems.

The biggest problem is that I wrote the book assuming that the reader would have read "The Goldenlea," a book I've only sold fifteen copies of since its publication more than a year ago (if those few of you who have read this book would kindly post reviews on or on goodreads, or even on your own journal or blog, it would help immensely).

After talking at length with Teiran, he agreed to try to get "The Vimana Incident" out instead if the manuscript proves to be tighter and easier to work with. Since the manuscript doesn't rely heavily on the previous books, I suspect it will. However, Teiran also has a regular job and naturally that has to come first.

I will make an announcement as soon as I know what's going on. This has been really difficult for me as there had been so many months of buildup, anticipation, and not being sure where I stood when it came to having something in hand for the convention.

It would seem that my worst fear of coming to the con after months of trying to stir anticipation without a book in hand is now a very real possibility.

My Sincerest Apologies


7 January 2015 at 22:45:49 MST

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