New Year, Woot! by SorenKisamora

Alright, so probably not THAT exciting.

Still, last year went great drawing wise, and I certainly plan on making this year just as good.NO, BETTER than last year.
While drawings were primarily Focused last year on character designs, and redesigns, i'm hoping this year to instead take a small step back and focus on a few smaller things. Of note, i'm planning on trying to get away from using photoshop for my work, and trying other programs instead [As i have copies of SAI and Manga Studio to fiddle with]. Though these probably won't be reflected in any commissions for a good while unless requested.

Thinking about working on smaller scaled drawings. Things like abstract stuff, backgrounds, and character images that aren't full bodied. Having mentioned that, my personal images for January will be up close, Bust/ Face shots that i'll be trying to fiddle with in Sai. I'm hoping to start work on a more painted look, something less flat and printed out that my PS work tends to show. Who knows? we'll see how things go!

New Year, Woot!


5 January 2015 at 13:50:11 MST

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