Leaving history behind and working NICELY towards the future by Cyan Glaciertooth

It seems people would rather whine about unsatisfying positions they are in, bad events they went through in the past, and other crap they think is ruining their lives, than to do something about their ordeals and solve them in a calm level-headed manner. Life isn't perfect, and the world isn't 100% happy all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to have a cloud above your head and be miserable all the time. Instead of whining about these issues like there's nothing anyone can do about it, why not go and actually solve these problems? Complaining's not going to change the situation.

I've been through countless negative events. I've been in places and positions I was not satisfied with. There were people in my past who hurt me. I could've whined in vain about these things, and re-visited the past, only to torture myself by remembering such awful events. But that would be a masochist's way of dealing with things.

Furthermore, it's not just working your way out of these ordeals that would make things better, but HOW they can be worked out. For example, I was once in a special needs program back in middle and high school. Was I happy there? No. Do I agree that a special needs program was the correct place for me? Not at all. While I was in this program, I would've prefered to have been in a standard middle school and high school with a full schedule of mainstream classes, and being in those types of classes would've been more appropriate than a special needs program. So how will I go about explaining to the school systems that they made a bad choice and should re-think where they should put students with acceptional potential, despite being special needs? Do I throw my feces at them and tell them to go to hell? Or do I explain to them in a calm and civil manner why it was a bad decision? If I take a more nicer approach, maybe they'll comply. Otherwise, nothing's going to change for the better.

People who have reached the goals they wanted to reach and have solved the problems they wanted to solve have worked their way towards reaching their goals and solved their problems in civil manners, and I'm sure their journeys towards fixing their problems weren't easy for most of these people. These people may have been in unhappy positions in the past, but instead of complaining about them, they knew it was better to work their way out of these bad positions, rather than helplessly whine about it. And with the way they worked on solving their problems and reaching their goals, they knew it was a better idea to be nice about the issues they were facing, and strive to achieve what they wanted, not rely on problems to go away themselves and whine about them in an unruly manner.

Leaving history behind and working NICELY towards the future

Cyan Glaciertooth

12 December 2014 at 19:08:29 MST

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