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News! by Zeta-Haru

It's been some time since the last journal, and I feel like I should be more in touch with my watchers, you can follow me on twitter by the way:

I write things there xD mostly about how I am or what's happening, so if you're wondering how I am going, or why is it taking so much for the next finished drawing to be posted, etc, could be useful to check there ^^

Now what I really wanted to write in this journal:

  • Patreon -

The post with renamon files is already there in case you weren't notified by email, and the pledges from novemeber were received! thanks for supporting! that really helps me with rent, the new responsabilities and costs of living alone.

We actually reached the $200 milestone, which I would reward you with more streams and free sketchstreams for patrons, BUT, somehow that changed in the end of the month, I guess some people or just someone put a big pledge there just to make us reach that, but never paid in the end, so it was kind of a false alarm, although I'm really happy with the current total and might even start doing them before that milestone! I just want a way to say thank you,

About the suggestion from the top helpers: It's ok if you don't see them that soon! I usually keep them in my head and try to sketch when I find time, some just don't work out as I expected, and some are even already sketched, but I don't plan on finishing them right away, the end of the year is really close and I'm still working on previous planned stuff, like the last commission batch, chritmas, the ych clothing series, etc (I wish I could work like a machine! xD) but be sure they are treated well, and oh! I think I'm at least making the most suggested, that is... more butts! haha

  • Posting Schedule -

I usually post 2 artworks per weeks, but that changed a bit in the last weeks, I didn't plan to make it like that but it's how my rythm was going, if you know me for some time you probably know how I have problems with sleep schedule, and this week that felt like it was draining all my motivation and energy, waking up and feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day, not being able to sleep and wasting hours on bed and regretting doing that because I could be drawing... or just working for a few minutes during the whole day, is just terrible.

I've also been looking for something motivation in my own art, drawing the same things, or not being able to feel satisfied with my own art, was starting to feel stale and making me sad, I even stopped looking at other artist's new submissions daily, because I wanted to find what -I- wanted to draw, without being influenced somehow by other people's fantasies and desires on their artworks. Well I'm still looking for the answer, but I had time to sketch a lot and most of the new stuff you'll see in YCH's and personal artworks next, were probably waiting in a folder for a good time, before actually being worked on.

I guess it's good to find out what you love again and again, even if that changes, maybe that's what I like about making art, how it changes with you... head shake anyways haha, sorry I got carried away in the previous paragraphs, I just want you to know that I appreciate if you cared about me now or before, and that I will manage these things like I always do, they just take time and sometimes can't be avoided.

  • Events -

I have been preparing myself for this furry event here in my country (Brazil) called Abando, it's the first time I'm going for it, and I'll be going with my mate (mytigertail), it will be happening on february 2015 and I hope we have a nice experience there, seems the perfect place and time for relaxing and feel new again when I come back! Even though it will be a bit expensive for us, I don't care of spending money on happiness :3

(About the lack of streams: my internet isn't being that reliable for streaming anymore, lots of drops and problems with getting it back online, and sometimes I just want to work on something offline for experimenting new things without being nervous or something ;-; pardon me)

And just to end the journal, why not thank you all for being amazing like you guys always are? :P Thanks for being like that, thanks for making me who I am, thanks for embracing me in this fandom since the beginning, I probably owe my life to you all. opens arms for hugs and then a pile starts ;w;

if you have time, why not take a look at the latest ych mytigertail is hosting:



7 December 2014 at 01:03:20 MST

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