Will the SJWs Leave? by InvaderPichu

I'm just wondering, since it seems a lot of SJWs left FA and moved to here after the whole Zaush fiasco, if they will leave Weasyl now because they didn't get their way again.

Maybe they will stay because they have nowhere else to go?

Maybe they'll actually make their own site where they can circlejerk in their echo chamber all day long? Oh wait, that would require actually doing something other than cry on Tumblr. C:

Well, I'm hoping the majority of them leave. Communities are better when there aren't a lot of SJWs running around.

Will the SJWs Leave?


5 December 2014 at 02:00:31 MST

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    I don't think so, but we can hope.

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      Social justice warriors, those schmucks who have taken over Tumblr...and from the looks of it, might migrate here.

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    Probably not because where drama lies waiting to be stirred either Feminists or SJW or Both lie in wait to call the warning bell and start a big riot over shit. -.-

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      Basically, and it may even be directed to another site, but it's the same drama nonetheless

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    I've been reading their journals about it too, it's SO HARD to resist trolling them.

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    I wish, but I highly doubt that.
    The SJW (or as they should be called, Social Revenge Warriors) demand "clarity" for things like what the fuck "titties aren't allowed in general" means, but by muddying shit up, they make the entire site walk on eggshells.
    I wish they'd go the fuck away already. A few cried and left because Weasyl put their foot down about calling people rapists, hopefully more go with them.

    The very first day I joined this site, I saw "misandry" art on the front page. Fortunately it seems to be removed, so at least the Weasyl staff aren't entirely bending over backwards to the asinine shit SJW pull.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one tired of them.