Rant/Update for October and November by SpetsnazKaz

As usual, I put off typing this journal due to the fact that writing such long essays is intimidating or boring for me, as I have spent this past month writing such long walls of text. So a simple TL;DR warning is in place for this journal. And I get a little personal with this journal, as you have also been warned.

For those who actually care, I'm back on FA because life was just up my ass in general. Just the usual with me around this time of year; double the responsibilities and expectations. As a start, sollege finals were all this month, as I rarely had any time for myself. Of course my career comes first in life, but this was just too much for me. I've had to spend long hours studying for shit I wasn't even going to remember the next day and be dying for sleep within minutes. Anyone who has been to college should know this feel all too well considering I've been to hell and back. Because I think it shouldn't be this hard, as we have other things to do with our time. No wonder Finland has the best education system in the world; it's because they are less restrictive on the way their students learn. But that's another topic for another day, as I don't want to venture off-course.
I doubt you know this, but I attend college part-time, which is even harder for me physically and emotionally much of the time. Because I work two jobs to make ends meet, as I have my own house off-campus that mom sometimes helps me pay for. The rest is all up to me, as I need to pay bills and such on my own. No matter how much money I make, it comes and goes really quick, or at least it feels that way. Around this time of year, I make more money than usual, but is the most stressful to work at. I'm not gonna tell you where I work, but it's insane around the holidays because of all the shit going on with shoppers. It's like the calm before the storm known as Black Friday, and it's not very fun or easy on my part for the obvious reasons.
And I'm trying my best to save money for the things I want, because I set a higher goal for myself as a challenge. Hopefully this isn't too big for my expectations. Usually I don't buy commissions, but I set a budget for $50 to buy some and got top-quality work for what I had previously expected. Really proud of the final result. This is just a small step as to what I can do with my hard saving. (Check out my favorites gallery on Furaffinity, as the most recent shit is for me).

Speaking of art, I suggest taking a look at the three most recent pictures in my gallery, because I am extremely proud of them. Sadly, after a couple of days, they didn't get the attention they deserve, so I highly suggest you take a look at them. Like I put a lot of time and effort into them, despite the fact that they're late for the holiday they were meant to celebrate. Check those out if you have the time. Also, check out my new Facebook art page if you are more active on Facebook, like I am.

And back in October, I've discovered a new site called Furgather, which is like Facebook for furries; here's mine if you're interested:

Which brings me into a highly sensitive topic in the fandom: why is it that a lot of good artists are being ignored? Like sure, there are good artists who get a lot of attention after being highly active on this site for years, but the vast majority are obscured. Surely the popular artist is going to have the advantage over everyone, but it makes no sense to me to cling only to them. Because I have seen some pretty excellent artists on here with pure talent, but sadly, have few watchers, favorites, and/or comments. Give them some love; because what I noticed, you don't have to be popular to be a good artist or have a lot of fans to even be considered relevant. As it's worth mentioning, I borrowed the following description from a stamp here on Deviantart, since it describes my exact thoughts on the subject:

"It's actually very sad for an artist, ANY kind of artist not to get any comments on his work. Imagine in real life when some artist goes: "Man, my arm hurts, my fingers are wet, but at least I've tried something new and creative this time, thanks to that new franchise I'm getting into! It gives me so many ideas and inspiration! I must look for other series in order to keep me going. I wonder what others will think of this new style."

And when he shows it to some guy, he says nothing.

How would you feel? It makes the artist feels like his or her work hasn't payed off. He wants to know if what he did was good or bad. Having no comments makes him feel as if his audience only likes him because of ONE specific style he draws or a specific character.

Really? If you're going to admire an artist just because he only draws Sonic, My Little Pony, Danny Phantom, Avatar, Mario, Legend of Zelda or any other franchise for that matter, then that's really stupid. I can respect that some people only love a specific series so much, but that's not an excuse to ignore a great artist when he or she decided to try something else.

It's would be as if Escher stopped with his amazing talent of drawing illusion art and wanted to practice more with colors and different angles.

Seriously guys, artists work REALLY hard on their projects and it's not fair to not give an opinion just because you think he or she might be offended by the fact you don't like the new direction they're going with. They NEED criticism. They need to know what they're doing wrong so they can improve on future projects.

Just saying that great art needs to be more appreciated."

Like myself, because I know my art is fucking incredible, yet I want to know what others think. Which is quite sad, because I get less than ten favorites within the first week of posting something, and never again. Look, I know I may be attention whoring a bit, but at this point, I actually wish I had more attention on my work because it's not like I put any time or effort into my shit. Surely better-known artists put plenty of effort into their work, but it's not only restricted to them. What is it that I'm doing wrong exactly? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the whole purpose of the fandom is to admire good artists/artwork? Because I have my own original style, put considerable effort into my work, and have a unique theme/subject matter depicted. Speaking of subject matter, the recurring theme in a lot of furry artwork seems to be fantasy/medieval. Don't get me wrong, it's cool and such and you can still like it, but it doesn't seem as interesting to me anymore because I see it nearly everywhere, no matter how well you depict it. This isn't an attack on anyone, but I'm going in a different direction with my theme and style. I know it's not everyone's thing, but this goes back to my first question, "What the fuck is wrong with my art?"
(This topic struck me a couple of weeks ago, as I've discussed this with a friend on Facebook who 100% agrees with my opinion, as this was the breaking point for her quitting the fandom because she was a good artist as well.)

Disclamer: Feel free to agree or disagree with me, but please don't be rude. It's your choice if you want to be offended or not. This is my opinion, and despite the fact that it's ridiculously unpopular, I have every right to state it.

And Thanksgiving is coming in a few days, which means I will probably not be active on here that day. Considering I don't really have family living in America, me and my mom will visit some neighbors and family friends over the holiday, as we've planned a huge gathering/dinner at one of their houses. So I may bring my phone and occassionally check my messages, but don't expect any speedy/lengthy replies from me. And I have the whole week off too, so I may reply/post then.

To everyone, I hope you had a Happy Halloween, All Saints' Day, celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall, and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well as Happy Holidays upcoming in December. :3

Rant/Update for October and November


26 November 2014 at 10:42:34 MST

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