Calm before the storm? by AddleTwintone

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In a nutshell, FA listened to the many users who complained/worried about the admin. They removed the notice about the new admin and claim he has been removed from his duty. Reading the comments proved some good points.

Although he is gone, and the fact he claimed to be a hidden admin for a year, whatever his intentions were, he had enough time to do them. Whether create backdoors, gain account access, tamper with code, it could already be done. Many claimed the admins did this to silence all FA users. Are they telling the truth? Who knows at this point.

With maintenance happening tomorrow, I'm still a little worried about things here on FA. I even have a Weasyl now just in case. FA will continue to be my main. However, if FA does start...heading south, I may convert Weasyl into my main account. If so then Weasyl will be first to see the power of my closed species.

Calm before the storm?


20 November 2014 at 18:01:57 MST

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