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Star Wars VII, Toy Story... FOUR?!?! by Ferret Williams

Two movies have made the news recently. First, Star Wars.
It's official. The force is awakening with this one. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the title of the next movie. It gives the vibe of "A New Hope" for me, as it makes me think of the sun(s) rising and a sense that something is about to happen. It also makes me wonder... was the force sleeping? In the end, the title doesn't matter. It's the plot that matters, and I have a good feeling about the movie since it has some different people working on it than the prequels.

And now I'll copy-paste my Facebook post, which linked to this article that announces that Toy Story 4 is happening.
Toy Story is great... but 4 movies feels like they're overdoing it. However, there have been movie series that have done well past 3 films(Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, the entire Marvel series), and Toy Story will absolutely have a new setting that won't feel like "more of the same". It's important to break up a series like that if it goes past 3 movies.
I felt like a THIRD Toy Story was milking their success too much, yet was surprised at how great it turned out. Toy Story 4 has the potential to surprise us with a great story, and while 3 seemed to close out the story perfectly, it also opened up a brand new story. It helps that they space the films out so well, with 4, 10, then 7 years after the previous, so it doesn't feel like too much.
I'm very curious if Toy Story could become a perpetually-running series with new characters showing up in each film. If so, how long before Woody and Buzz get broken beyond repair?

Star Wars VII, Toy Story... FOUR?!?!

Ferret Williams

7 November 2014 at 00:37:51 MST

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