Write & rewrite, and again, then repeat. by ThornBrier

I uploaded a very short story by the name The Chakat Who Folded Hirself to a couple of my hosting sites, and I was so proud of it. It was soo much better than the original I had been writing. Upon discussing it though I've realized it's actually junk. It's way to fast leaving the reader with no time to absorb the strangeness of what is happening before getting even weirder. The sex scene was completely superfluous, not driving the plot (except as a very complicated way to knock out two of the characters), and devoid of any meaningful character development. And then, it wraps up with the most interesting part of the story being told in only a couple of paragraphs, again, too quickly to appreciate what is happening.

From this I decided I am going to expand the entire story to focus on the events leading up to the core scene and the wrap-up. Will there be sex in the new version? I don't know.

Consulting with others on this project I have been completely re-planning everything time and again. What started as a simple idea to get three temporal versions of my character working on a project together has turned into an epic cross-dimensional cops and robbers story following my character's daughter as shi tries to save hir father from what they've gotten mixed up in.

I swear, I have now been through about 8 rewrites and it is now looking like it will be more of a novella length project. Upon that realization I am now bracing myself for many more rewrites. Suffice it to say, I've also decided to remove that old second version of the short since it no longer speaks at all to the true story this is becoming.

Write & rewrite, and again, then repeat.


9 January 2013 at 14:47:23 MST

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    I've never read your work, but now I'm really eager to see what it turns out like after all this editing.

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      Oddly enough, I actually found a COMPLETELY different way to achieve the point of the story. I will upload the first part of the results of that soon. I'm hoping by next week to have part two done. Thank you for your interest.