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Never Give Up On Your Dreams! by sanctumpolis

Hello Dreamwalkers!

We are very happy to announce that even after Kickstarter there has been a great amount of support shown through PayPal. The amount of donations only keeps rising, which speaks volumes to not only our desire to see this game to fruition but yours as well.

Through PayPal, we have already sold the following perks: -Tyrant: $2000 -Endearing Lover: $1500 -Spirited Child: $1500 -Wayward Sibling: $1500 -Spiritual Leader: $800 -Medic!: $800

And those are just some the highest tiers. We have also received multiple donations for perks from the Enrollment Package to the Legendary Heroine. We are honoring Kickstarter rewards to PayPal backers so if you’re thinking of donating, remember to please send us a note for which perk you would like, so we can reserve it just for you.

Want to donate to help support Sanctum Polis? Follow this PayPal Link:

What do all these donations mean? Well we have some great news! Since we have received enough funds, we will be able to produce the standalone demo, Sanctum Polis – Silent Overture: Unending Lament, in a much shorter timeframe than anticipated. We are already hard at work on it, and will be continuing to do so. So be on the lookout for updates on our progress. We will also re-kick the project after the release of our demo minus the cost of what we're already producing so it will be a considerably lower amount.

Lastly, we have not forgotten about our Silent Uproar Recruitment Contest.

Here are our winners!

Twitter - Edi Santiago
Tumblr - User Shadow-Bandit
Facebook - James Toulmin

We will be reaching out to the winners soon to verify their reward of the Socialite Tier, a $120 value. As mentioned, winners are more than welcome to upgrade this tier by paying the difference for another tier through PayPal. Congratulations to our winners and thank you all for participating.

Again, the support you have shown us only proves that Sanctum Polis – REM is a game worthy of being made. Thank you for helping us keep the dream alive.

From All of Us on the Quadrangle Games Development Team

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!


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