Slots for 10/20 by Kaboozle

Commission form is linked on my profile page, below the prices. Note me if you have any questions.

Also, I will no longer be accepting more Couples Sketchpages.

  1. fvatrtnyuh091
  2. Lucky020
  3. PsyKrow
  4. Mizuho
  5. RikaWolf
  6. SoldierSunStar
  7. Karaken
  8. Kojanue

Slots for 10/20


16 October 2014 at 07:20:50 MDT

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    Why no more couples sketchpages? :o If you don't mind my asking. I'm broke right now anyway, but I am curious.

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      They're turning out to be more work than they're worth and it's been wearing me down.

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        Gotcha, that's definitely a good reason.

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    Wow, all full up already? That's a feat considering FA's been down for days. x3

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      About half of these were carried over from last week. I might even have to free up a couple of them because their only method of contact was FA and o__o

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        I can only hope that FA won't be down quite that long. :P Well, maybe if I can play my cards right/get up early enough, I can get on next week's. I'll just keep watchin'.