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Themed Commissions! A Cloud For... by WinterSoul

This time of year, a chill settles on the breeze, a mist passes over, and we remember our non-human companions which have stuck by our sides through thick and thin. A commission from earlier this year had me thinking, the concept of the cloud cats had really been something beneficial for moving through the loss of my own kitty. I think it would be wonderful if that sort of healing could be passed onto others, especially as, in this part of the world, we enter the dark portion of the year.

Of course, this is by no means just for cats or animals passed on, I would be just as happy to paint your favorite horse flying through a wisp of air, your personal character magically controlling a storm, or your colorful fish sending a downpour over his own pond! The point is to bring a smile despite the coming cold weather.

Inquiries may be sent to ccarpenter (at) wintersoulstudios (dot) com

What you will be receiving:
Your critter in the style of the Cloud Cats, as seen in the samples below. I will send you one large file, an internet sized file convenient for posting online, a signed quality print of the final illustration (a bit smaller than 8.5 x 11 in), and two magnets (one at the size of the original Cumulous Cats at about 4-5 inches and a smaller one at the size of the newer cats at 2-2.5 inches). The background will be white as seen in the samples for printing/magnet purposes. Shipping and printing is included in the price of this piece.

Turlough's Cloud:
Cleo's Cloud:
Summer Storms:
Original Cloud Cats:

Starts at $170, email me for a quote. This may go up depending on the complexity of the critter, extra characters, extra magnets, etc.

Info I will need for the quote:
~A clear, large photo showing multiple angles of the animal/character. I can work from alternate references, (for example clear descriptions, or if the animal is a general wild animal such as a crow), but realize the markings and resemblance to your critter will only be as good as the reference.
~A general idea of the personality, theme, pose, and mood.
~Any extra bits of info, such as if you would like the illustration to be larger than 8.5 x 11 inches, or if you would like extra magnets.

More information on the process and terms of service may be found here:

How to contact:
Have I caught your interest? Great! Email me here: ccarpenter (at) wintersoulstudios (dot) com
(No notes, pms, or posts please.)

Other Commission Openings
Other commissions are open as well! I prefer to take on full color pieces this month over pencil drawings, again, info on the commission process is here:
Custom pendant and sculpture paints are open as well, these may be ordered through my online store:

Themed Commissions! A Cloud For...


10 October 2014 at 16:22:36 MDT

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    I love your cloud cats! I think these will do well as commissions :D

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      Thank you, I sure hope so, I do love painting and sharing the cloud cats with everyone! :D

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    I love your cloud cats! I think these will do well as commissions :D