Settle It In Smash (4) by Deriaz

Let's have a go, mate.

2191 - 7828 - 5468

Leave your number here if you're up for a match or three. I'll check periodically throughout the day and add you. Feel free to add each other as well, if you see people posting! I'm down with a normal casual brawl, or a 1v1-no-item melee. I hope they patch in online matchmaking for Smash Run!

(I also have Pokemon X. I don't remember what's in my Pokemon Safari -- I believe it's Grass and had the starter, though? I haven't played in a while. Playing competitively there isn't as fun to me, probably 'cause I don't really try and make good movesets or EV train efficiently or anything like that.)

Mama Peach Said Knock You Out! - BotanicSage

Settle It In Smash (4)


3 October 2014 at 09:09:58 MDT

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    Aw yes. :D

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    I won't get my copy until tomorrow (stupid have to be at work all day)...I'll give you my 3DSes Friend Codes when I get home! grin Though I'll only play SSB4 on my XL model...I do play both versions of any Pokemon games on both my 3DSes, so I'll have 2 different friend safaris if you input both codes.

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      I'll take both if you're willing to offer both! More friend codes could never hurt, and I'm blissfully unaware if there's a limit to how many you can have. (Not that I have very many to begin with, thus the journal!) Feel free to add mine to yours, and shoot back whichever codes you feel like giving when you're able.

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        This is my old 3DS and I'm playing Pokemon X on it: Patty 0173-1530-1552. This is my XL and I'm playing Y on it: Izuru-chan. 4098-3104-8076.

        If I'm online it will normally be Sundays. The only day I'm off work and can sit around and play games! grin

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          Got 'em both! I should show up as "Deriaz", or "Shaun". I'm not -entirely- sure I have this Friends Code thing down yet, but I know I've got you, at the least!

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            Yay! It'll pop up for me tomorrow when I go online with them! Thanks bunches!