Commish Update. And SLOTS OPEN for Costume Stream commissh!? by Kompy

(Disclaimer: A good chunk of my business is done offsite, but fret not, as any commissions I do for you guys WILL be posted right here. And if you want to throw in for a spot but lack an FA account/refuse to associate with FA proper, just tell me here and I'll add you to the list over there myself)

I upped the prices of most of my regular commission prices (which you can see here) by a single dollar. Yes, this is my "bawww Paypal fees are meanybutts" answer, as I don't mind paying the fees, but DO mind when I ask for 25 and get 24-and-change instead. Little bit goes a long way and all that jazz. THE EXCEPTION to this is the 100 Palette Challenge pic for reasons that should be obvious. Oh and please don't offer to pay extra for the fee charges, I don't want to get in trouble with Paypal :(

Speaking of the 100 Palette Challenge, slight update on that as well in case you're curious: I went and added a small bonus incentive to those that donate $20 USD or more for their pic of choice to include making a "wallpaper" version of their pic. I'd just need you to specify ahead of time (that is, BEFORE I draw your pic) what kind of wallpaper you want and what size you want it. Also, for those that missed the news on that, I also went and increased your ability to ask for freebie art (that is, palette pics of my own characters) by 3. This includes those that had gotten freebies prior to the rules change, so feel free to ask away for anyone who hasn't been drawn yet! The FAQ (which also got updated to make it a bit more user-friendly!) includes some ideas, in case you need them.

Still doing the NSFW Sharknado collab with asuraludu, by the way! More collab info can be found here!

Sample art of what to expect can be found in the following links (all of them being NSFW, of course):


And FINALLY, about that Stream Commish thing. I am thinking of doing a sort of "test run" tomorrow Friday, October 3, sometime in the evening AST, to see how well I can handle doing a commission drawn right on the spot during the commission proper, so I'm going to be opening up TWO SPOTS for a pic that will be paid for TOMORROW and finished up TOMORROW during said stream.

It will be a flat color pic, minimum to no backround pic for the low price of $31 USD (lower than my usual, which is 46) with a Costume/Cosplay theme. It may also be a couples pic for the low price of $41 USE. For examples of what you'd get, see here and here.

PAYPAL ONLY. PLEASE have both visual references of both character and the costume you want me to draw them on hand. Keep in mind my Terms of Service in terms of what is and is not kosher.

THE SPOT WILL NOT BE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. I will pick the characters with the most interesting costume choices (hint, if you're curious as to my bias in terms of cosplay ideas, look here ). Winner does NOT have to be in the stream to participate, though it'd be nice if you can join us since that's the only time I'll be allowing for any last-minute revisions to the pic. A hi-res version of the pic will be sent to you in PNG format (let me know if you prefer jpg) via note once it's done.

Feel free to ask questions about anything I just said. If all is good...then off we go!



Commish Update. And SLOTS OPEN for Costume Stream commissh!?


2 October 2014 at 16:47:50 MDT

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