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Back in August, I began putting out feelers to the organizer of the SoCal Fall FurBQ. Just like the one that we throw every spring, Fall FurBQ’s dates are different from year to year. I have always encouraged getting events posted to this calendar with as much advance notice as possible, especially when it comes to events that require a lot of organization and planning.

However, there has been a change regarding leadership of this event. About a week ago, I learned that organizer of the Fall FurBQ is stepping down from his position. His message is as follows:

Hi Socal furs,

For the past two years, I’ve organized the Fall FurBQ at Irvine Regional Park. It’s been a huge success and I wish to thank all who helped out, brought food, cleaned up, and made this such a wonderful event.

However, with the news of my recent job transition, I will be moving out of state before the fall FurBQ as currently scheduled. I am looking for someone to take over this event if possible, so that the tradition can continue. It is not a difficult job, and the hardest part is getting at the site early to claim the spot. If you are interested in helping the fall furBQ continue, please contact me! (email address is: lapisliger at yahoo dot com)



I will continue to communicate with LeoTigers over the next few weeks. SoCal Fall FurBQ was started with the idea of offering furries another opportunity for a day in the park for the fall season. Unfortunately, for organizers and staff of the spring FurBQ (where it all started), we can only afford to seed one of these events a year. We do hope that this event can continue, but consider this event “on hold” until a new leader can be found.

Fall FurBQ – Call For An Organizer


25 September 2014 at 08:44:25 MDT

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