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Elancia Chronicles by Woofle

The story begins HERE -LINK-

So as a couple of you may have noticed, I finally have a literary upload. I probably should have explained what it was beforehand, as there are going to be quite a few of them in the coming months, but better late than never!

Anyway, as many of you know, I've been working on a soundtrack project called Elancia Chronicles for a long time (those of you who have been following me for around a decade probably have an idea of how long I've been working on this, and how many titles it has had over the years.) The music was always meant to accompany a story, and at one point, I had been rather sure it was going to accompany a game as well.

At one point, I had posted pieces of the first draft of the story online, but quite frankly, they were complete garbage. It was actually painful for me to look at them, and as such, I removed them from my old gallery. Honestly, since that point, I'd been too shy to share my story at all, and wasn't intending on doing it until several friends prodded me to share it.
For a long time, I was holding out on the hope that I would be able to translate the story into game format, and share it that way. This is mostly because it's very difficult to convince anyone to actually read something when it comes to literature on furry sites. Couple that with how garbage the first draft was, and I don't even think furry literature fans would want to touch it.

The tl;dr on the game situation is that it didn't happen. Plans were made, plans fell through, promises were made, and promises couldn't be kept. I am not an artist. I am not a programmer, and since both of those talents are things needed to make a game, I decided it would be best if I focused on the talents I do have.

To make the story more accessible to those who can't normally stomach the idea of sitting still and actually reading something, I have separated the story up into tiny chunks as I go through in the final draft, and will upload one a week unless I get stuck, or can't finish in time. Each chapter or 'episode' as they're called in this (one of the hang-overs from when it was going to be a game) will be ten to twenty pages long. If you've read this far in this journal, you've already read the better part of an episode. (Well, okay, maybe not.)

I'll be trying to post one episode per week, and if necessary, the accompanying music, as the music is linked directly inside the story. Any song that should be playing during a given scene is linked right in text, making things a lot simpler. Everything you'll need is right in the document, and I've also uploaded an almanac to help you keep the characters, locations, factions, and religions straight.

If you like the music I've done for the project, I'd suggest checking out the actual story for it, although I know not everyone here likes sitting through reading. The story means as much to me as the music does, and it's very rare I've gotten the chance to share it with anyone, even though I share the music regularly, and it seems generally well-received. If it's your thing, great! If not, don't let it bother you that I'll be uploading so much of it.

Big thanks to kgblackstone kgblackstone who is formatting and editing the whole thing for me.

This is episode 0 of Season 1, which introduces some of the main characters, and is my first upload in the series.


Elancia Chronicles


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    I might be able to help in the art department if you ever pick the idea of a game up again.

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      Oh hey, thanks! ♥♥ Yeah, if I ever reach that point again, that could be really awesome.

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    Links to music are an excellent idea ~~~~
    I will take reads when some things settle down here :)

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      ..and of course the links broke. xD Goddammit. Maybe it's just my browser..?

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    So I know this is super late, but you could always try RPG Maker?

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      Hey, no worries on lateness! :D
      Yeah... I mean, you're right, honestly. I'd been working on it in that with a friend, but it just didn't work out. Moreover, I didn't even really want to make an RPG at all. In the end, I think it ends up working best as a novel with soundtrack. The plot is complex enough that players would probably end up not liking it or something... I don't have the talent or money to make a game, but I do have the talent to write a novel, so that's what I'll do! ...For now, anyway.