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Signal Boost! by Jitters

hey guys,

You all may know my recent creation of a mammoth fursuit which I called Velred, I love elephants and I am under the impression that they are just as smart as we are and just as smart as dolphins are.

They are big old balls of awesome animals and they deserve our respect, however its this kind of crap that makes my internal animalist supporter rage HARD CORE.

Every one needs to check this out

This elephant was abused by drug addicts for money and was recently set free and now his owners are back claiming that they still "OWN" the elephant and are trying to send him right back to the hell he had recently been rescued from.

I ask all of you on this site to signal boost this to every furry, every non furry, every brony HELL SIGNAL BOOST TO ALL THE FANDOMS!

This needs to be stopped.

Thank you all for reading and do not forget to spread the word about this.

Signal Boost!


1 September 2014 at 03:37:08 MDT

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