Prepare yourselves for a long read, folks, as I've been too lazy and busy to [finish] this... it always intimidates me to write long shit like this, so expect a lot of it to be written here (provided I had most of this journal pre-written, but needed to give it a few edits as I wrote it fairly quickly).

Here goes nothing...
deep breath

Well, its been a long time since my last journal. looks at date Yep, I'm definitely in need of a new journal. But that's beside the point. My summer just came and went, sadly, as I found it pretty bittersweet. The truth is, I haven't been very active on this site as a whole, as I have had other things to do recently... and some predicaments as well.

Like, I've gotten a little job at the start of the summer (because mom wanted me to) at a local fro-yo place, because she thinks I'm a lazy shit. About a month or so into it, I finally quit. Wasn't that interesting anyways. My mom kept asking me for beer money almost every time I saw her (it wasn't too often) with my paycheck. rolls eyes

Aside from that, I've witnessed a financial problem as well back in July. To be specific, identity theft. Yeah, it was pretty horrible to say the least... reeeaaaallly long story. I had these unknown charges for shit on my credit card and I was surprised. Turns out my mom found out and she wasn't too thrilled about it either. We got into a loud, screaming argument over it that almost made me want to cry because she didn't believe me. She thinks I'm irresponsible, even though I'm not the one drinking myself to piss... hypocrisy intensifies Differences finally aside, we go to the bank, and seek the help of a financial advisor. I tell him the story and he checks up my balances, finding out my credit card number was stolen and being used in the United Kingdom. This shit baffled me because how did my shit make it overseas? You wonder, right? Possibly one of those scanners on the credit card acceptors I keep hearing about... I'm still waiting for my fucking money to be refunded to me at the end of the month. waits impatiently

Now for the icing on the shit cake... ooh boy. My dog Kazzie ran away at the end of July; the gate was open and I remember him not being in the house, which worried me. So I searched all over town in the middle of the night, hoping to find him, shouting his name with tears in my eyes. No luck. The next morning, I searched for him, putting up flyers on every signpost I could find. No phone calls. At that point, I was about to think the absolute worst. Then, the next day I went to the police station and explain the situation to them. Miraculously, they've had a sighting of a dog right around the time that Kazzie got loose. The police officer gave me the number for an animal shelter in Providence, several towns away from here. So I call it, and they tell me they've found a Lab and have him in the kennel. Excitedly, I got in my car and drove my ass on over there. The staff was very helpful, as they've showed me to him and my heart lit up. I wanted to cry tears of joy. As I filled out the paperwork for his safe return to me, I put him in the back seat of my car and drove home happily. My heart filled up again and I'd be devestated if anything happened to him. It was a blessing from the gods, as they shined upon me that day. Those were the longest three days of my life. wants to cry

As for the rest of the summer, it was pretty unproductive. My mind honestly moved at a much faster pace than my hands. I wanted to get a ton of art done during this summer and I was totally sidetracked by the copious amounts of shit that was thrust upon me. Even with my free time, all I wanted to do was sleep because it was so goddamn humid out at the start of the summer. Like it hasn't rained for days, weeks even. It can get pretty hot where I live, despite living in the Northeast. And getting into more technical terms, the basins are always hotter than the mountains. But that's beside the point. I've felt sort of a depression lately, as this shit kept coming and I felt more worthless as the days went on. I had a severe lack of motivation. Most of the time I checked my sites, others I turned off the computer, didn't bring my phone, and I took a nice drive to the countryside to unwind there. It was quite a drive, but I felt at peace there. I love seeing the vast open spaces, as it helped me clear my mind... at least for a while. Sometimes, you just need a little break from it all. Just take a deep breath and forget your troubles for a while. I wish my life was less painful.

I planned to write this journal yesterday, as I was fairly busy. But not surprisingly, this was the only free time I had to post this. I get sidetracked sometimes...

Anyways, today is my birthday, in case you didn't know, and I'm turning the big 23. Hooray for me~ :3

So yeah, now the summer's coming to a close and I'm feeling rather sad. College starts in about a week or so and I'm not too happy about that. It depresses me quite a bit because all I see is a huge burden and a lack of sleep or free time...

I'll try to get as much art done as possible, considering I now have a huge surge of motivation. And during the school year, I plan to start the comic book I've promised myself into doing for the last few months now. I'll try to update as much as I can, and get as much done as possible, considering I might have some more motivation to do it. I'm planning to make a seperate account for it. As for my colored art, I will do some of those, but not in the large quantities you're use to seeing. But I will still do those provided I have that extra time to do so.

And I'm now on Facebook under the name Mishya Kaz, along with my art page, Kaz the Labragorky, where you can get a sneak-peek at art I will post to my art sites, along with some fan art. I'm not that interesting of a person, as I tend to live a boring life and do a whole lot of shitposting to make up for it. So yeah, I suggest watching Kaz the Labragorky at least. I could always use a few more friends to talk to.

My Gmail is anthemofthereds[at] if you want to keep in touch with me there.

That's all I have to say for now... just wish me lots of luck, provided anyone bothers to read this long journal.



25 August 2014 at 20:05:51 MDT

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