Furthia High Patreon Now Live! Please Consider Helping Out! by QuetzaDrake


Forgot to make a journal about it, but yeah, there's now a Patreon for Furthia High!

So as you may know, I've been really teetering on the side of "poor" and "broke" for a while now, which has caused some things, including the comic, to suffer at its expense. With the launching of this Patreon, though, I can hopefully finally give back for any generous and much-appreciated donations people send to me by giving them special bonuses, as well as working towards the milestone goals and improving the state of the comic.

So please, it'd really mean a ton to me if you'd check it out, see what all the reward tiers and milestone goals and so forth are about, and consider becoming a Patron; even a $1 commitment would help out! And if you can't spare any funds (even if you can, actually), I'd super-appreciate it if you spread the word about this thing opening up and that I'd appreciate any other fans and friends to also look at it and consider helping. It'd mean a whole lot to me and I'd be able to have a steady donation helping-me-out thing while also repaying people for their patronage, instead of me just taking money over and over which I've always been super-guilty about.

The PitchIn page that I've been swinging around for a year or so now is still up and will remain up for a while yet, and you're free to help me out there still if you so desire (and I'd super-appreciate that too), but my hope is that once the Patreon takes off more and I get more Patrons, I'll finally be able to close that thing down. So yeah, again, if you could check out this stuff, I'd be really, really grateful!

Thank you!

Furthia High Patreon Now Live! Please Consider Helping Out!


21 August 2014 at 12:51:50 MDT

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