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small rant by Tofubread

ok, more like big one. This is to those weasyl users who continue to complain they aren't getting enough viewership/business here.

  1. Quit Whining.
    First off, the userbase here doesn't come close to DA or FA; most users here seem to stick to themselves and not talk. Want to create buzz? SPEAK! Create more social activity and get people active!

  2. Drop the hate.
    Positivity is a good thing; clinging unto the "FA must burn" mindset is unhealthy. You are not going to suddenly break a site by continuously hating on a site for, what i still think is, something no one has anyclue what the fuck they are talking about (and don't argue with me on this because you are not going to convince me the site is evil; drop it).

This includes telling people: "I must use it as a necessary evil". Well guess what; tumblr is still a necessary evil for some people because just as much drama occurs there. Big deal.

  1. Be more active! I can't really stress this enough. Want the site to be better? Well, maybe you should be more active on this site so people know you didn't create a profile for nothing. I'm active on 3 sites (moreso on FA, but working to be more active on both DA and weasyl as well).

Just having an account and checking notifications isn't really going to get people buzzing.

Lastly, be helpful to people growing, but also be supportive! (as in, be helpful and provide info on waht's being done right and/or wrong, but not in a nasty way)

Rant over. (probably not as negative either XD)

small rant


18 August 2014 at 00:21:30 MDT

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    i kinda laugh how this is still a norm behavior on FA as well. :I

    i always have to tell the people same thing. artists, watchers, writers, etc.
    folks tend to drop by more social and friendly users' pages than a blank slate with absolutely nothing and only a few jackassed comments.

    given most of my followings over the years all came from my laughable rants and vents over random things among the endless furries getting their rocks off on characters (even in nonerotic pieces! D; ) i can say that interaction of teh social variety works the best for "getting views" of most forms. :)

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      Pretty much.
      I'm more than likely to drop a few watches because of this sort of thing (despite the good art). We'll see how things turn out and if they bother to read this (if they find it)

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        i hear ya. it's been adding into reasons why i stop following friends, artists, etc. as well lately. so much pettiness and drama that it brings along that isn't worth following, ya know?

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    I got here from Nat's journal you linked and yeah that's why I don't actually complain :o. My expectation for attention here weren't that high anyway as they aren't that high anywhere as I don't really draw things that have that big of market (I mean there's plenty of xenophiles out there but most are straight dudes so they want green skinned girls with massive tatas which is exactly the type of alien I don't want to resort to drawing) though I get being annoyed if you're trying to make money off it. That said I feel a lot of artists don't realize DA, FA and even Tumblr on the subject were tiny non communities at one point and only got big (for better and worse) with involvement beyond just posting shit with never discussion or feedback involved.
    If you want a community you need to be a pillar in that essentially. Since I don't want to bother I don't bother complaining, the closest I get to whining about FA is explaining why I'm not there anymore and won't be coming back until I hear word things of stop being really shitty and gross there.

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      Having been on the site for a year (FA), the only real shitty things i have seen are some shitty users. Gross? That's everywhere, this is the internet.

      A legitimate concern though i have for weasyl though (because people have noticed) is that it's feeling like tumblr what with the sudden SJW attitudes popping up.

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        SJW concern me a lot less than... basically any group on the internet because at least most people don't tell me to tolerate their disgusting behaviour. I'm not kidding you, I'm more likely to be told to tolerate a neo nazi's views to round people up like me and torture me to death in a concentration camp than to tolerate some nimcompoop that's probably a troll telling me not to eat sushi because its appropriating Japanese culture. That's fucked up and stupid and makes me real tired of hearing about SJW as you'd imagine =n=

        Anyway yeah gross people are everywhere but I'm more talking about the actual people running the site. I have heard and seen evidence for some rather... detestable and unprofessional behaviour from some staff at FA and it makes me think twice about supporting the site. I won't go on a hate train because the membership is fine though, people have different values on what they're willing to tolerate so all the power to them if they want to keep using FA, I'll stick to weasyl, tumblr, deviantart and wysp for now. I barely have time to check all those so FA would probably be neglected anyway x-x

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          I'm aware of the admins and some of their behavoir, and honestly, supporting them would require that i donate to the site, which i don't do anyways.

          As far as it concerns, what they do isn't really much of my business unless they do something that directly involves me. Pretty much a reason I continue to use FA, but to be honest, it's also the only site right now where 1. I'm getting the most support and 2. People seem interested in commissioning.

          Granted, weasyl has some of those people here too, but they are either doing that on FA already or supporting the more popular artists here already. This site, for better or worse, has a problem attempting to get viewership for people like myself. It sucks, but there it is. It's why i try to boost some activity here, but it still only generates some viewership and 1-3 comments a week. It's depressing.

          Besides, I personally think the SJW attitude is worse because it can drive people away, especially if they are backing up a person who -happens- to be an asshole (and this site is growing with those people, which is concerning)