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Because it frustrates me by Iridium

My last journal? Yeah, that again.

The newest of these things just started, and as quickly as my interest was piqued, it is now gone. Good luck to the artist, and hope whoever has already skewed the thing enjoys themselves.

Oh well, I needed to save money anyway.

Because it frustrates me


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    Agreed. Some I have liked, whereas other ones I kind of lost interest. If I was to do something like this, it would be purely out of fun & not out of the need for money. Plus, if someone ever requested a sketch of something where my characters Galaranth, Obsidian, etc, ect at the apex of something like that, I would be all too happy to draw a sketch.

    Yeah, sometimes it just goes in ways that a group of contributors tend not to enjoy. That's the problem with being a popular artist or character inventor: If you veer off in some way, it runs the risk of upsetting a part of one's loyal followers. However, you & me are the good guys, as we know that something like this is only one facet of the artists we follow & realize that they still do art that we love, regardless :3 .

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    What, you mean wildly disproportionate foot growth isn't your thing? More power to those that are invested, I guess, but I'll stick to commissions where I get to determine what's going on myself.

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      No, it isn't. And it was easy to predict the eventual outcome after seeing that first early return. I would normally be interested in contributing, but not when there's such a huge lead in one fetishy area that if I want to see anything that interests me I have to try to overcome that. I already beat my head against that wall with the other three I mentioned in my previous journal.

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        Mmmhm. Watching the deepest pockets sway the game so far so early? I'm with you.

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          I doubt those that have skewed this thing even have particularly deep pockets, it's that they've driven away anyone else who might contribute. I predict that the losing side remains so, by a far margin.

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    Just a thought, but have you ever considered hiring an artist and then making Iridium the subject of growth? With your circle of friends and admirers, I would wager that you might be able to get a decent amount of people contributing (like me!). I guess what I'm trying to say is that you get the benefit of directing exactly how the growth should go. Or hey, even swing it in other directions and not restrict it to growth. Mix it up a bit with transformation or whatever. I dunno, I'm just brain storming. It might not be as lucrative but it would be a whole lot more (subjectively) fun!

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      I have approached artists with the idea of commissioning a growth series that would be similar to these growth drives, but I would be the one deciding how much and where the growth would go. I had not thought about having an artist use Iridium as the subject of a growth drive. I've only seen one (I think) where the artist used someone else's character. I wouldn't be opposed to the idea, but since interest in my ideas for such a series have kind of fallen off I'm not sure how possible it is.

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        Might be worth poking around and trying to guage interest. Consider me one of them! Just remember the golden rule of furry. Take however many people who promise their interest and contribution, and then half it. ;)